TRYING TO DETOX ASAP!?: green tea weight loss


ok just wondering what your opion is about my method of DETOX

at least 1 gallon of water per day
1 container of 100% cranberry juice
a minimum of 2 cups of blue berrys a day
a minimum of 6 strawberrys
Preteen bars (as meal replacements)
2 scoops of creatine per day
acai berry detox pills 8 per day
weight conscious multi vitamin that supports metabolism 1 pill a day
green tea weight loss pill 2 pills a day
wearing trash bags to sweat like a pig
walking/joging to produce more sweat

any one know of anything else i can do besides buying a detox drink or pills?
i need to get clean fast!

*(and yes my stomach is all messed up due to all the fruits and acai berry detox lol)

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One Response to “TRYING TO DETOX ASAP!?: green tea weight loss”

  1. Wo wo, anytime you are putting “weight loss pills” and detox together there is a problem. The water consumption is good, and blueberries as well. A really quick cheap and simple way I’ve detoxed is for 2 or 3 days straight (however long you can last) eat nothing but organic apples. You could definitely include the blueberries and probably strawberries and be fine though.

    Anyhow stay away from the creatine and detox pills and weight loss pills. That stuff is bad news bears!!!<br/>

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