SPAM Problems?: green tea lose weight

SPAM Problems?

I am receiving spam in my inbox and lots of it. I hit the spam to eleminate this person and I receive additional spam from same the next day. Things like Ophra green tea, losing weight, etc. This garbage should go to my bulk where I just delete without looking. Also for past month I have been stopped from sending or receiving email with a message from you in red that reads “Illegal activity detected” and then under that in black it reads something like to protect you your email has been suspended for 48 hours. VERY INCONVENIENT. I want to know if this is spam related too and why is all this happening and can you stop this???? Or do I simply change servers and get a fresh start???

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One Response to “SPAM Problems?: green tea lose weight”

  1. Set up a new email account.
    Do not use your name on the account.
    Use five numbers after whatever name you use.
    The spammers usually have their computers set to look for alphabetical characters and not numerical.
    Your new email address should be something like


    Some internet providers will not allow you to use punctuation marks in your email address.
    If you can, I would also suggest that you throw in a couple of punctuation marks.

    I can guarantee a drop in spam. I set up an address like this and have received only one spam message in almost three years.

    That “illegal activity detected” thing is only a scare tactic.
    They probably want to sell you some anti-spyware device.<br/>

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