Raw Food Weight Loss

Presented by http://www.BeautifulOnraw.com You’ve heard about middle age spread. It feels like everything we eat ends up around our midsection. I have news f…
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In China green tea has been consumed as a medicinal beverage for four or five thousand years. It was used by the Chinese to treat all kinds of maladies from …
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50 Responses to “Raw Food Weight Loss”

  1. Thank you. I don’t speak Spanish but I used Google translate and you would
    like to know about my clothes. There is no specific place I buy my clothes.
    Many are bought online at whatever website I run across that has what I
    like. Have a rawsome day!

  2. Mari Carmen Bilbao Reply December 27, 2013 at 3:56 am

    Eres preciosa,con mucho estilo.Me gustaria saber donde comprar la ropa,es
    preciosa.Yo soy de España.Saludos

  3. Check out how awesome Tanya looks in her 50’s on a raw food diet.

  4. yes you do look great!! have you have had any plastic surgery or is that
    all from raw foods?

  5. why are there so may haters why can’t y’all appreciate a good looking woman
    and be thankful that she is sharing her secret with us boy how it could be
    depressing wen ur trying to do a good deed and get slapped in the face in
    return if you dnt like it keep ur neg comments to ur self

  6. This is great! You are beautiful and you inspire me to want to eat well!!
    Way to go!! Keep it up!!

  7. I was 225 pounds and started juice fasting after watching a documentary
    called, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. By replacing your meals with fresh
    vegetables and fruits you will seriously see results within the first week.
    The first week I lost 7 pounds… and it wasn’t like i was not eating
    because i ate so much more veggies than usual, just in liquid form. The
    doc. is on Hulu.com to watch for free.

  8. gorgeous, what an inspiration. i’ve been vegan for years and dabbled with
    raw mainly because of my addiction to cooked food. but looking at you just
    makes me want to go raw right now.

  9. It depends…For example: today I had four persimmons.

  10. @squirrelsguywelsh Please, read my book Quantum Eating. I think this
    program will help you.

  11. Yes, by curfew I mean having my last meal before 2 pm. Not eating in the
    late afternoon and evening is the best and most easiest way to lose weight!


  13. Love you videos, great info!! You have a very beautiful voice, could listen
    all day!! :)

  14. …i couldn’t lose the weight. When I switched to a high fruit, very low
    fat diet, the weight fell off me, the candida cleared up within weeks and I
    started to feel amazing! Have you read The 80 10 10 Diet by doctor douglas

  15. Thank you Tonya I will be 51 in March and I’m not as worried as when I
    turned 40 because I know I can look younger on raw. Keeping to 100% raw is
    hard in the cold UK though and letting go of old paradigms is another
    problem but I will get there! You are a real inspiration 😉

  16. Thank you! You are BEAUTIFUL! 😀 xxx

  17. @ezlorulz–yes you do lose weight. There are many raw food forums with
    people discussing this. I used to work at a resort, I saw some pretty
    amazing transformations.

  18. You barely look in your 30s. Fantastic work with the Raw Food I wish i had
    the will to go 100%

  19. do you buy organic? its so high priced but I don’t know if the non organic
    is good for you. Would it be ok for me to buy the non organic?


  21. Tonya you are awsome!!!

  22. I am also in 80% raw no fish no meat but still overweight. I put on weight
    and and was very weak had to take vitamins… My skin and mood feels better
    but I am still overweight.

  23. You are TRULY an inspiration. I hope I can do this!

  24. Thank yo for this vid, very inspirational and informing!! Does eating Raw
    eating , help to reduce Stretch Marks??

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  26. Can you get green tea anywhere

  27. can green tea prevent period cramps??? because many people says it works
    but some people says it worsen the pain :// help

  28. @KissMeQuk Calories are not the be all and end all of losing weight… For
    instance, 107 calories in a Kit Kat… 107 calories in a handful of
    blueberries… What will work better for you! Calories come in many
    different forms, the big Calorie Con is a Government plan to make you buy
    expensive foods!!

  29. Yep I agree. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack.
    Between I heard that most of the celebrities used to follow to kill their
    belly using this 7 food items. have a look here bit.ly/1cOrCjt?=vrlkr

  30. Arama thrupy cantles?

  31. fag

  32. Although, I wouldn’t exceed 5 cups a day. 3 cups is fine or even 2 cups.
    Try a little chamomile or peppermint too, in between the green tea. I have
    5 cups tea a day. Filtered water. Herbal with no caffeine and/or Green Tea.
    Nice Tea and in moderation gives Health benefits.

  33. has anyone heard of south american matte? its kind of like the south
    american version of green tea, apparently it has higher polyphenol
    compounds and is a natural stimulant without caffeine in it so i read. BUT,
    drinking matte can also cause mouth, teeth, esophagal cancers. strange isnt
    it. anyway thats all

  34. computer generated voice.

  35. im selling green tea juice call or txt 09499354520 / 09236757128

  36. good to know Stephen Hawking endorses green tea!

  37. @vrz07 actually the caffeine helps boost metabolism wich aids in weight
    loss you dumbfuck

  38. well… i guess that you are eager to get the health benefits so it can be

  39. When it come to green tea you have to find the corrent one! not all that in
    the markets works its very hard to find the diamond..i found the best one
    out of all..posted in my channel..

  40. I’m sippin’ on some great tea right now! ^^

  41. ‘the chinese’ sound like vaginiesss. hahha

  42. 30 ounces of strongly brewed Indian organic loose leaf green tea and 800mg
    of Ibuprofin will knock out any headache. The Tea makes the Ibuprofin
    supercharged or something lol. I’ve had the headaches where the Ibuprofin
    won’t work but when combined with the Green tea it kills the pain like a
    narcotic pain pill without the narcotic. it supercharges any pain killer
    like tylenol too. No joke.

  43. @RICHYrichMEOW why would u search up green tea to masturbate to in the
    first place? :S

  44. dayum i thought it was weed tea

  45. Green tea is loaded with powerful antioxidants called polyphenols that
    protect cells from the changes caused by oxidation, a chemical reaction
    that can lead to cancer and the hardened arteries that cause heart disease.

  46. Get an Arizona? It’s loaded with sugar so that cancels out any benefits it

  47. smoke weed and drink tea

  48. green tea has 0 calories… that is one way to lose weight… take in less

  49. I think I get it, this shit is good for you.

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