PLEASE help its a emergency!?: green tea weight loss

PLEASE help its a emergency!?

I am just about to overdose.. I feel worthless. And ugly. I want to drown myself in my blood right now, I am about to overdose by taking a numeral of many different pills.

2 green tea weight loss pills
4 tylenols
2 midol
2 bactrim
and 2 other pills that came with the bactrim…

I dont know if that will do anything but i dont know. I have them right beside me and i juwt want someone to help, just for a second. I need to wait 2 more days to go to my doctor… two more days. thats it. it seems forever tho. PLEASE HELP
Im fine now guys… I have promised myself to wait. Thank you all.

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One Response to “PLEASE help its a emergency!?: green tea weight loss”

  1. It’ll send you straight to hospital for a few days, so yeah, it’ll help pass the time.<br/>

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