Mega-T Green Tea Weightloss talk

Mega-T Green Tea Weightloss talk

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25 Responses to “Mega-T Green Tea Weightloss talk”

  1. Have you ever try juicing? green drinks are the bomb you will lose weight
    healthier. Drink one in the morning and before your workout. Blend up green
    vegetables and put a apple to sweeten it up.

  2. I was on a plateau & I started losing again after I raised my caloric
    intake from 1200 to 1310, bring yours up a bit. But good luck. I didnt know
    you were Haitian :) me too & I completely stopped eating Haitian staples to
    lose weight better; too much carbs.

  3. you got it girl…

  4. i love your videos, im on a weightloss journey right now too = ]

  5. very inspiratonal & im haitian too :) but you should consume at least 1200
    calories per day just to function properly because your body will hold unto
    all the fat and carbs that you consume and you won’t lose weight in the
    longrun. but you’re doin good girl and im also on my “lifestyle change” and
    i workout 6 days a week and eat relatively right.

  6. u be careful. remember all those pills filters through ur liver and
    kidneys. i am not being a hater just concerned. if u hate salads try
    putting something on them, portion control works. and u can still go to
    those places, just get the kiddie meals.

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  8. If your going to start this back up you need to eat more then 1000 or like
    1200. You did this with out pill you don’t need it now. I just don’t want
    you gain all the weight back after the pills. You can do this .

  9. a 1000 is too little, very unsafe. whatever u take off u will put it back
    on once you stop. you have to do a lifestyle change, that u can maintain.
    anyway, good luck sista, be well

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  11. PearlfectJourney Reply April 24, 2014 at 7:16 am

    Good luck! I You should prob eat more bc your body needs food to speed up
    your metabolism. I think it’s important to eat a lot of the right foods in
    small portions. I started mixing the 1200 calorie diet & diabetic diet &
    saw improvements; 3 small meals and 2-3 snacks a day, which all equal
    around 1200 calories. I def. saw the difference but fell off. I’m getting
    back on though. Look into Visual shakes too. My friends have been on them &
    have seen progress. Friend’s page

  12. @RebelliousDiva im moving up too around that i was hungry after the gym so
    i atee

  13. I wish you nothing but the best

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  16. Hey check out my video on the Slow Carb Diet! 😀 It works wonders for me!
    If not, I wish you the best of luck with it all (:

  17. @lmsantiago1 BOW… yep! BRAGGS VINEGAR thats what I drink that stuff is

  18. i’m still learning so thanks for your input im not trying to DIE LOL

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  20. Shaunae Christian Reply April 24, 2014 at 12:23 pm

    You have to eat with the green tea pills might get headache… And get sick

  21. Try fruta planta and you wont have an appetite at all. I use it here and
    there when I get off track. You drop weight like crazy and fast.. So
    serious. Look it up on here if u haven’t heard of it already.

  22. Didn’t know you lost that much weight! Good job, you’re not in this journey
    alone lol I be busting my butt off at the gym every morning for the same
    reason lmao let’s do this!!

  23. Hi Fenise,Ive been watching for quite a while now…I have to say I can
    relate to u a looot!!,when it comes to weight loss i do almost the same as
    u,i dont have a set time on when i wanna lose the weight and i literally go
    cold turkey for one day to the other,like i said just do what u gotta do!!u
    are a real motivation and im sureim convinced u can reach ur weight goals=)
    keep it up and look forward to see ur progress xx

  24. How to you have the self control to not overeat and eat bad food

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