Lose weight with only water diet?: green tea weight loss

Lose weight with only water diet?

Will I lose weight if I don’t eat anything and drink only water? And how fast would I start losing weight? I might have fruit like an apple or orange in the morning but if I only drink water throughout the day will I lose weight? I am asking this because I am very busy and don’t have time to exercise, so I’m hoping maybe this will help me lose weight. I have Mega T Green Tea Weight Loss Supplements too, so maybe that will help also?
What if I had just one meal a day? Low Cal/Low Fat with protein. Just one meal in the morning everyday and then water the rest of the day.
I found an article that says cheese is low carb and high protein.. So maybe egg and cheese omelet? Or just egg whites and cheese.

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  1. I love everyone Reply May 17, 2014 at 7:01 am

    Yes you will lose weight, but you’ll also destroy your metabolism and set yourself up for weight gain in the future, not to mention the effects on your energy level and mood.

    Edit: Egg and cheese omlette is better than just fruit. Better yet have the omlette and the fruit. Even better still, heave the fruit and the omlette and then eat a couple more meals later in the day, and of course keep drinking the water. If you lose weight slowly and eat throughout the day, you’ll keep the weight off and you’ll feel better.<br/>
    I love everyone

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