Is this a good diet plan?: green tea weight loss

Is this a good diet plan?

i am trying to lose 10 lbs fasttttt!
breakfast-yogurt, and green tea weight loss drink that takes out fats
lunch-spinache ravioli,another green tea
dinner-strawberrys and pinapples with whipcream
i hung out with my friend, we danced to music, tanned,took pictures and watched a movie

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One Response to “Is this a good diet plan?: green tea weight loss”

  1. You may lose weight but you’ll gain really bad eating habits. You want to learn to eat like you’ll eat for the rest of your life or you’ll be up/down/up/down on that silly roller coaster ride…….forever. You’re way low on your daily intake of protein, calcium, necessary carbs, fiber, fruits and veggies. Checkout the food pyramid online to see what you should try to aim for as far as different types of foods go. Be careful with products that “claim” to have weightloss/increasedenergy/more brain power promises. Natural, herbal and “super” foods call for a second thought – the FDA doesn’t have to test or approve these. Drink plenty of water – it helps to make you “feel” full so that your tendancy to overdo will be reduced. Remember, the first weight you lose and consequently, the first pounds you’ll regain, are water. Try to watch your sodium – salt – intake. Don’t cut it out altogether, just don’t add alot and stay away from really salty foods. Eat slowly so that your brain has 20+ min to regognize how full you really are. How many times have you said, “Gosh, I should’ve stopped eating half way thru this meal”?<br/>

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