i am trying this will it help?: green tea weight loss

i am trying this will it help?

i recently bought some ginsing pills and some green tea weight loss suppliments (with 160mg caffine in them) to kick my craving for the addearall xr pills i have been taking (the dr refuses to prescribe them to me til i am properly diagnosed with add/adhd.. do you think that these will help with my energy levels and concentration? or do i need to stay away from them? i only take 2 a day of each (I can not handle too much caffeen) along with my celexa? will it be okay? or should i try to get my adderall?
i do exercise and i don’t eat all that much!!! i i still cant lose it! but i asked if i should stop taking the adderall xr? or continue it? since it helps with my energy and stuff or take more natural supplimnets. as addeall does mess up your liver in teh long run

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  1. Ginsing is a stimulant and will have much the same effect as caffine. Try st johns wort.<br/>

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