I am 14 and am 133 i want to lose weight HELP!?: green tea weight loss

I am 14 and am 133 i want to lose weight HELP!?

I weigh about 133 and am 5″4 I have always been yo yoing with my weight i used to be very skinney until i was 11 i emotionally eat and eat when i’m bored. For the last week i have been running a mile everyday and eating about 700 calories a day. I know its not good to eat that little but its all protein and milk and eggs. I am going on a trip in 2 weeks and want to lose 10 pounds but since i have been running i havn’t lost weight. Why? what should i do?

P.S Also i have been drinking alot of green tea and taking these gluten free, vegetarian green tea pills ( they are very organic)

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One Response to “I am 14 and am 133 i want to lose weight HELP!?: green tea weight loss”

  1. So far as your body is concerned, you are starving and undergoing stress. It reacts by slowing down your metabolic rate as much as it can, so that you won’t use up the little food you are eating. It’s normal, whenever you diet you lower your metabolic rate, and this makes it harder to lose weight.

    I hope you can now see why eating so little is a bad thing. It’s a fact that diet companies rely on to make their continued profits, of course. Adding the exercise can’t make up for the low calorie intake. Given the starvation rations, your body will just take that as more evidence of a stressful environment.

    The correct way to lose weight is to exercise regularly (40-45 minutes of heartbeat raising exercise every 2-3 days), and eat a good varied diet with all the nutrients you need – which includes fat (many important nutrients can only be obtained from fat/oil), carbs and protein. You need to raise your calorie intake to at least 1250 calories, possibly more, or your body will continue to prevent you from losing weight.

    The green tea weight loss myth is costing you money you would do better spending on a good multivitamin and mineral supplement, plus some fish oil capsules.<br/>

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