How can I lose weight and tone up for summer?: green tea weight loss

How can I lose weight and tone up for summer?

I’m only 14, so it can’t be anything too big and obvious because I’m still growing it etc, but I would like to know if I should diet or exercise more or what.
I’m 5ft4 and 9st5lb which I know is far too heavy for a 14 year old. I really like the idea of getting into running, and my friend and I are going to start going to the gym, so I can go on the treadmill there, but what else can I do to lose weight?
Also, I go to a zumba class every tuesday night. Do 2 hours of light effort tennis every tuesday afternoon. Do half an hour of pe every week.
So what else can I do? Sounds like I should be lighter but I’m not cause I eat like a pig haha
Thanks for reading, thanks for answering xo

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One Response to “How can I lose weight and tone up for summer?: green tea weight loss”

  1. Its all about adding exercise to your lifestyle, obviously cut down on snacks and stop eating ‘like a pig’ :)
    Have you heard of Ramona Braganza? She’s a hollywood exercise guru, works with the likes of Jessica Biel. Anyway check out this link
    It’s the secrets of her incredible t3, 2, 1 Go! get in shape plan, and it’s free information! ­čśÇ
    You could also think about adding a green tea weight loss supplement, it’s all natural and has been proven to help with weight loss, amongst other health benefits. Ill post a link to that too

    I hope this helps you sweetie, Nora XX<br/>

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