help me to lose weight fast Diet Solution Program 1 Trick to nurn fat eat these 3 fat burning foods + avoid these 3 foods like t…

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31 Responses to “help me to lose weight fast”

  1. This video is not complete… where is next part ?

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  3. funny she talks about fruit last when talking of carbs, that should have
    been mentioned first! fruit is the healthiest most NATURAL form of carb and
    sugar energy for the human cells. but i get that maybe this video is meant
    to appeal to the average person that may not feel all that optimistic about
    giving up grains, and that’s ok just so long as it is no longer thought of
    as the base of food pyramid anymore for gods sake! we’re better off without
    dead grain foods!

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  7. did he say hellooo?

  8. you saw the last part where she starts to show the bad fats- i can add to
    that saturated/refined fats and oils, high heated fats such as when frying
    and even stir frying veggies in oil*plus that slows down the digestion
    significantly*, animal fats! eat avocados, nuts and seeds for fatty acids
    and USABLE protein. research “the protein myth” and the subject in general,
    you will learn how heated animal protein is a major factor in disease.

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  15. Dose green tea lipton help with weight loss? the green tea with flavour
    taste very good.

  16. There are green tea supplements available.

  17. This is my main reason for drinking green tea is to rid my body of as many
    toxins as possible. I could use to lose 30 lbs. also, but don’t know if it
    will help because I only started last week though I’m drinking the pure
    matcha green tea twice a day.

  18. I sure it’s ok. The problem with many of these teas is knowing how much of
    the active herbal constituents are actually present in the tea. It also
    depends how long the green tea is brewed for as to the concentration of
    these active constituents. My advice would be to always buy the best
    quality green tea you can find, health food shops usually have better
    quality products choices. Hope that helps.

  19. thank you im off to the shop now to get me some green tea :-)

  20. thank you so much for this useful info.

  21. well idk if diet green tea works the same or not but they do have the same
    caffine content

  22. i heard Green coffee also helps you lose weight is it bad if i combine them?

  23. you talk with your hands so much! :) thank you for the info!!

  24. yep but not the diet green tea

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  26. is it okay to add honey to your tea? i usually add 2 teaspoons per coffee

  27. Green tea is my favorite always

  28. I drink PG tips green tea and it says it’s 100% green tea they haven’t
    added or taken anything away, will that give me the same effect as if it
    was in it’s raw form?

  29. i have vanilla flavoured green tea, does it work the same?

  30. can we drink lipton green tea..?

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