Green tea/other tea experts needed! 10 pts!?: green tea weight loss

Green tea/other tea experts needed! 10 pts!?

Long story short i am overweight and finally taking the steps to live a healthier lifestyle. I won’t get into much details, but part of that has been replacing coffee with tea. I have this Bigelow green tea i’m trying to drink but it tastes terrible to me and i find myself forcing it down because of how good green tea is suppose to be for you ( i did my research on the specific tea i have)

Basically, what can i use to make it taste better? I’m thinking of buying Sweet leaf natural STEVIA sweetener. Is that good for green tea? Others also recommended lemon juice, almond milk or cream. I’m looking for whats best for loosing weight/my health over the best taste.

Also if there are other teas that aren’t green tea that are good for weight loss/health please recommend them to me. 10 pts!

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One Response to “Green tea/other tea experts needed! 10 pts!?: green tea weight loss”

  1. Switching from coffee to tea is okay but don’t expect sudden dramatic results just from drinking green tea.
    both have caffeine and while green tea has health benefits so does coffee.
    You don’t need to drink either one and you sure don’t NEED to choke down tea if it tastes bad to you.
    Read these links…
    Eating fewer calories than you burn will get you more weight loss than drinking green tea ever will.<br/>

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