Green Tea Weight Loss?: green tea weight loss

Green Tea Weight Loss?

I have been eating junk soo much lately! I feel so overweight, and I fear I might get diabetes because of all the sugar I am eating. all my friends say I’m skinny but I have a tiny buldge, which I always try to suck in, so no one notices. So I was thinking, if I had 4 cups of green tea (the tea bag kind) would I loose weight? I am going to eat the three main meals (breakfeast lunch dinner) one flinstone vitamin, and only healthy snacks (carrots celery apple) and only have the green tea or water as a drink. I don’t want to go into starvation mode so please tell me if this is a healthy way to loose weight. I am 13 years old and 110 pounds, and my goal is 95. Please don’t judge my goal, just answer my question. Thanks guys! Best answer will recieve 10 points!

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  1. 100 pounds would be much healthier. I was 96 pounds when I was thirteen and I was called anorexic all the time. After I gained a few pounds, I looked much better.
    But…I’m not here to judge you. If you want to lose weight, at least you’re going about it in a healthy way. I’m just telling you, if you drop to a really low weight (depending on how tall you are, I was 5’2) you might look sickly and worse, and not to mention you’ll be a lot weaker and more unhealthy.

    That being said, green tea is proven to burn fat, not to mention it’s full of antioxidants and other things that benefit your health. So yes, if you drink a lot of it, you’ll probably lose weight if you excercise moderately and change your diet. :)

    Also — look it up if you want — it’s actually more healthy and more effective to lose weight if instead of eating 3 main meals a day, you eat 5 to 6 small ones. Eating more frequently in smaller portions is MUCH better, it revs your metabolism and makes it a lot faster (which is what burns calories) and when you consume less food at one time, it’s easier on your digestive system. You’ll lose weight faster if you eat, for example, toast for breakfast, then and hour or two later eat a granola bar for “brunch” than something small for lunch two hours later, then a healthy snack in the afternoon (carrots or an apple are great) and then you try to eat a smaller dinner. Also, eating more frequently keeps you full and you won’t be as tempted to eat junk food! :)

    You will not go into starvation mode, eating healthier with a few small snacks during the day will make you feel much BETTER and more full throughout the day. The first few days you’ll probably want to give in and still crave sugar, but just stick it out and by the end of the week you’ll feel much much healthier.

    If you keep up this diet with just a small amount of excercise per day (or a large amount once a week) such as jogging, jumping jacks, running on a treadmill, dancing, or other forms of cardio, you’ll see results in NO time. Just give it time, and stick with your goal!<br/>
    – Taylor –

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