Green tea weight loss, fact or fiction?: green tea weight loss

Green tea weight loss, fact or fiction?

Does green tea really help lose weight, i’m drinking water and lots of green tea everyday, will it help lose my 10-15 pounds?

What are some other simple diet tips to help me lose my weight?

14, 5 foot 7, 150, mostly belly fat, with a some leg fat, i’m a Guy not a girl

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One Response to “Green tea weight loss, fact or fiction?: green tea weight loss”

  1. Unfortunately, I have no idea about the green tea question but I can give you some simple tips on dieting:

    *You’re doing great by drinking lots of water! That’s the best thing you can do for your body. It greatly improves your skin as well.

    *When you go out at restaurants, only eat HALF of what’s on your plate. America is the worst about giving portions that are way too big – which leads to Americans that are way too big!! :)

    *Exercise in small ways – for example, if you usually take the elevator, use the stairs instead. If you drive, park further away so you are forced to walk a little. Every little bit helps.


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