Green Tea Fat Burner from Merlin Living

Green Tea Fat Burner from Merlin Living –

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16 Responses to “Green Tea Fat Burner from Merlin Living”

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  2. @sjstup i wanna know the except i’m 13

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  4. 2 pills in the morning and 2 in the afternoon preferable not past 3 or 4
    cuz the caffeine might keep u up all night but sometimes i dont even feel
    like eating so some days I would just take 2 pills in the morning and skip
    the two pills in the afternoon

  5. Im 12, and i will be using them

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  8. i use this for about a month or so now and in the beginning it was good
    except i got hungrier all the time… and now i just feel sick like i have
    an upset stomach

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  10. U will die

  11. can a 12 year old use this

  12. works for me, hopefully theres no bad side effects in the long run but
    overall love it! Better and faster results if u exercise and drink plenty
    of water xD

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  14. how did u take this pills??

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