Green Tea Diet 2012 Redux

Happy Summer everyone (& apologies for using the term “amazing” a quadrillion times)! Want to feel the best you have ever felt and look your best on top of i…
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25 Responses to “Green Tea Diet 2012 Redux”

  1. Is this a way of life for you? I’m going to try this. Have to drop about 50
    pounds. Have you ever mixed the dry tea leaves in applesauce? You look
    great. I watch three of your videos. Never heard of the green tea method.
    Supposed to be good for hypertension. Thanks 

  2. are you still eating / drinking the green tea

  3. Result video? Do you have any picture. I want to try this.

  4. Filly Skye Lucifer Reply January 27, 2015 at 4:49 am

    You remind me of Anna Kendrick hehe good job you look great!!

  5. man she is pretty.. i drink liker a gallon a day… im wondering if thats
    to much

  6. Hello can I ask u something ??

  7. I dont quite understand what this does or what you do..? ._. You just drink
    green tea and you start loosing weight? Pleaseee respond.

  8. that depends on your individual metabolism and what you eat in addition to
    the tea. I recently did a fruit only cleanse… mostly peaches. i did it
    for 5 days and walked my dog at night and worked out for about 10mins in
    the morning and lost 6 lbs. I did no tea during that time and only consumed
    fruit and water and i felt AMAZING!!! so that might be something worth
    trying for ya

  9. Do you like chew the green tea or wash it down like a pill? Also how many
    green tea bags do you consume? :)

  10. wootwoot!

  11. Thank you!

  12. I have been doing this for 1 wk and I already have lost 6lbs. I have been
    on weight watchers for over a year and have not lost a lot of weight bc I
    have trouble curbing my appetite. Eating the green tea really helps me to
    decrease the amount of food that I eat. I eat 3 bags in the morning and
    another 2 bags in the late afternoon. The weird thing is when I go out to
    eat at restuarants I never finish my food, I take a few bites and I am
    full. Thanks so much for sharing this well kept secret.

  13. are you serious? u lost 6 lbs in a week without exercise?

  14. it is not a laxative. it has mild diuretic effects (which make you pee a
    lot- at least when used in a liquid so i assume the same could be said for
    the leaves) and the leaves are basically fiber so it may help you to poop
    more frequently. I poo multiple times a day but thats mostly due to my
    plant-based diet but the fiber in the tea definitely helps. It should make
    poops a bit softer but not liquid. if you are having very loose movements,
    I would try cutting back to 1 a day or ever day or so.

  15. it IS great, right! and go u! happy that green tea has helped you too!

  16. Yeah, I have also rid myself of all chemicals, well for the most part. I
    use Crystal rock salt deodorant, it works. When I first cut all of it and
    being raw I was really concerned that I would smell terrible, I was
    constantly asking everyone, lol. But yeah, if I eat cooked food it’s like I
    smell like what I ate, whether that be mexican, asian, whatever.

  17. So do you eat the tea or drink it??!!

  18. When I eat cooked foods (vegan or not) I get BO and requires more products
    and chemicals, when I eat 100% raw, I never smell.

  19. you may just b my new best friend! lol. thx! i will have to try this!!!

  20. i didnt take many pix from those times but i will try and rummage around
    and find a few snaps to show a before and after

  21. why the FUCK do you EAT green tea

  22. I’ve been on the green tea diet for a year now 30 lbs lost and kept off…
    It works

  23. no i didnt drink tea. i ate the tea leaves. watch my other green tea videos
    for more info.

  24. When you first started the green tea diet? you just eat the tea bags
    (leaves) without working out and lost weight?

  25. haha, same myself…just started to incorporate coconuts into my diet,
    before the real stuff i was using coconut oil, real is better though! good

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