Green Tea Diet

REVAMPED VERSION OF THIS IS NOW AVAILABLE! Green Tea Diet: 2012 Redux!!! PLEASE READ: I have been doing this diet …
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narration: Guy hears a rumor of the Herbalife Green Tea burning 80 to 100 calories a cup as well as being a natural enhancer for your energy and metabolism a…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Green Tea Diet”

  1. I just started trying this after watching this…I thought the tea was
    going to be scary… But it wasn’t even close…easy beans lol…but I did
    feel full all day and a bit more energy and I even started a journal on
    it…we shall see what happens… Plus my A.C.V with cinnamon and a little
    bit of honey….I so hope this works :)

  2. what about the lead levels in green tea-a 2006 study said that a lot of tea
    from china had dangerous levels of lead

  3. you’re beautiful i’m going on a tea diet too

  4. DeviantProtagonist Reply April 6, 2014 at 5:04 am

    Downing a whole bag like that seems pretty bold! I’m personally just
    content to using those leaves as a seasoning for my daily foods. Makes my
    green tea last way longer, if nothing else. x3

  5. Is this safe ? I can’t find anything on the internet about if it’s safe to
    consume it straight from the bag.

  6. My sister has been able to go about a really healthy combination of diet
    and exercise with the help of ExprezSliminizer. Search for it on Google.

  7. Josephine Herrera Reply April 6, 2014 at 6:14 am

    to get real green tea go to your local Chinatown merchant forget about
    lipton or bigelow or any crappy fake brands you are wasting your money and
    time when you buy these cheap brands they have zero potency if you do feel
    energy its psychosomatic sorry dum dum

  8. Nice idea, how much weight did you lose? My dad shred 5 stone dieting with
    Fast Fat Furlong. Just google it :)

  9. KrazyBeautiful21 Reply April 6, 2014 at 7:20 am

    So I drink a lot of green tea, and sometimes ground sencha or matcha. Its
    drinking the ground tea the same?? Also what if i brew the tea first then
    drink the tea?? or just add the tea leaves to food after I brew it? If you
    have any idea of this that would be AMAZING.. Thanks! =-)

  10. my entire family kept swearing about the Green Tea. I just started it and I
    been feeling really good, mentally and physically. also taking Green Tea
    supplements and as a big coffee drinker, I lost the taste and even smell
    for coffee. I lost 3 lbs. in 2 days so far. I know its mostly water
    retention and used the bathroom a lot since I’m drinking tons of water.
    eating smaller portions due to the Green Tea making the hunger go away.
    Snack on Trail Mix also. Thanks for the video.

  11. Barbarianvibrations Reply April 6, 2014 at 8:15 am

    Nice vid.

  12. Ashley Ceciliano Reply April 6, 2014 at 8:23 am

    Sorry heh I was wondering how much weight did you lose in a week ?? And did
    you see yourself a little slimmer!!??

  13. @bhsp I actually addressed that question in my questions answered video- I
    get that question a lot and honestly- I don’t know how drinking the tea
    would effect your diet. I only ate the tea leaves because that is what I
    was told to try and that is what worked for me. I do not like how tea
    tastes, so that made more sense to me anyway due to the fact that I would
    only taste it for a second rather than while drinking glass after glass. It
    may work by drinking the tea. I just do not know.

  14. (to answer all of your questions in 1 response) you can use any green tea
    you like. I prefer decaf flavored green tea myself. best if you can get
    organic. my tea is usually $3 or so a box. you can buy green tea at any
    grocery store

  15. I actually heard about ginseng tea to help promote weight loss on Dr. Oz.
    Then I started searching and that is how I came across this video.I also
    heard that B12 help raise metabolism. I want to thank you for making this
    video. It helps with my decision to start this diet.

  16. adjusting what you eat will make a difference. Eat cleaner. Feel cleaner.
    The better the food you put in, the faster it will digest and then as it
    leaves your body, it will help clear out toxins from your past foods. The
    tea tends to help me crave healthier food too (not all the time- I still
    have fail days lol). congrats on the weightloss! Thats a big accomplishment!

  17. So you take three bags with meal and then take two mega t supplements
    everyday? the label on the mega t bottle says be careful with your intake
    of caffeine when taking it cause you could actually overdose on caffeine,
    is it safe?

  18. Pr0udMilitaryWife Reply April 6, 2014 at 11:06 am

    How much weight did you lose each month you did this?

  19. @KATHYDAVIS. hi there. im gonna start eating the tea in the morning.
    excited about losing 37 pounds. how long do you think it will take? also
    could i mix the tea with food? thanks Gloria

  20. @ldanley72 thanks! hey- u pay expenses and I’m THERE! lol. Whats your film
    about? I’m glad I came across well. I actually took some time off from the
    green tea and just started the decaf tea bags again this week… its a
    habit i just cant kick for long. lol. Have a wonderful day and thanks for

  21. I had heard about this and tried it this morning, and it got stuck to the
    back of my tongue and made me puke.. so I know what that’s like XD.. I’ll
    give it a try doing it your way, Thanks!

  22. it really is simple! a lot of people tend to over-think it but really its
    just something to add to your ever-changing eating and lifestyle
    habits.happy it came across clearly. good luck!

  23. and couldnt i do that with just normal green tea?

  24. This is freakin awesome. THANK YOU so much. Going to try this 😉 .it makes
    a lot of sense. All of my skinny Asian friends drink a lot of green tea.
    This is great, will add it to my shake too and see how it works 😉

  25. LMAO!!!! LOVE IT

  26. LOL…too cute:-)

  27. lollllll funny video

  28. Nebojsa Milivojevic Reply April 6, 2014 at 3:12 pm

    Don’t miss this summer due to lack of energy. WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO

  29. Thanks mama, email me for details

  30. I’ve been hearing about Herbalife for a while now, but i’m still a little
    iffy about it. I really want to try something new so I might give this a
    try. Cute vid by the way Steph. I miss your music, funny vids and words of
    wisdom. Congrats on everything and God Bless! <3

  31. jajjajajajajajaja esta buenooo

  32. Haha this was funny.

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  34. not funny at all :( seriously

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  36. the good ole days :)

  37. Definitely NOT Mr.Ordinary anymore….

  38. The TEA is REAL haha

  39. You did amazing, you made a believer out of me. I would definitely play
    this as a commercial if I had the power too. Its so nice to see that you
    are back because you are amazing and I love you more than you know, muah!

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  41. That herbalife tea is crack lol

  42. U are so funny…great video!!!

  43. Herballife some good stuff!

  44. Christian Acosta Reply April 6, 2014 at 10:51 pm

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  47. and oh you drink very dark tea :)

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