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  1. Thank you for your non-um,um,um, presentation. It is a pleasure to listen
    to someone who is either able to speak without umming, or read with
    enthusiasm. I also appreciate your review of Green Coffee extract. I too
    have a love/hate relationship with Dr. OZ in that he never really goes far
    enough into his health topics, mainly I imagine, because his show is
    short. What he presents can, however, be researched further on the web.
    Thank You!

  2. Hey, great vid. I tried the coffee been and it felt like it worked.. I was
    already working out and dieting but I had trouble getting below 168, after
    I started taking it I got down to 162 by the next week. Can’t say it was
    the pill but mentally it felt like it helped.

  3. Millions of people have the precious ability to lose weight — but don’t
    take advantage of it. Go Google Skinnimaker System to unlock your full
    weight loss potential.

  4. I used GHI brand of GCBE and it is very effective. I got it from amazon a
    safe place to buy. I got this code 7FX35LP4 and I got 30% off.

  5. I have tried Green Coffee Bean Max and I really enjoyed it :) I bought it
    on this website

  6. SUPERHD? B4?

  7. Lets talk about what a review is. Review is when you purchase a product,
    and talk about the results (if any). This is your opinion NOT a video on
    how the product worked for you. Reviews are posted to guide people and help
    them. This video was your skepticism, and opinion. Not a REVIEW at all. So,
    before we label a video with review, lets think about its content. The
    title is deceitful. Not being rude, just giving the video a little
    constructive criticism.

  8. Ok so I believe that traditionally working out and eating right is a great
    way to lose weight. There is no denying that with time and dedication this
    can be very effective. The thing is that the world is changing and with
    that so are people. For some people no matter how much they work out or eat
    right, their metabolism just cant keep up and can’t lose the weight. I have
    never tried the pill myself but I have heard a lot of reviews and read the
    scientific studies that they talked about on the Dr. Oz show. The study
    shows great results and so do the reviews. When people work out they aren’t
    just losing weight they are also creating muscle mass. Muscle mass weighs
    more then fat mass so essentially by working out you are also gaining
    weight. The bean strictly speeds up the metabolism to burn fat nothing
    more. If you want to get stronger then I recommend working out. If you just
    want to lose some weight then I suggest trying the bean…. 

  9. This video was a waste of time. You didn’t say anything people didn’t
    already know. I write down what I eat, which is something I do everyday
    weight watcher actually taught me that. I also do body wraps which tone,
    tighten, and firm my skin. Guess what… I also need help at times when I
    get to a stand still, and this pill seems like it will help. From listening
    to this boring video you haven’t even tried the pills so my question to you
    is why would you make a video and speak on something you haven’t even
    tried? …. In my opinion you are a none factor…..

  10. But what if you have a disability, like me, and are exercise intolerant?
    Then a pill, that seems to have made a difference to a lot of people, would
    be life saver. Yes, I agree that you can lose weight on your own, but some
    people need that extra help.

  11. I’m just saying… doesn’t seem like she’s taken it.. not much of a review.
    This video is merely thoughts and concerns about the pill, not actual
    results that have happened to/for her. I don’t see this video as a review.

  12. this bitch has talked almost 7 minutes and has said nothing at all

  13. Very good point ~ tracking your food would definitely slow you
    down,,,,,,,thank you!

  14. im taking green coffee bean now and I works great for me, I have a lot
    energy and im not over eatin like I used to or always hungry. But now I
    watch what I eat and exercise!

  15. SUPERHD? … …

    I lost 12 Lbs with out doing exercise :) if you want the same stuff I
    bought Just visit Amazon then search for – “Global Health Ideas green
    coffee bean extract”
    then simply enter “7FX35LP4” at check out and you get 30% off discount.?

  16. Since I started taking Natures Greatest-Green Coffee Bean Extract which I
    bought on Amazon I’ve lost 18 Lbs & my health in general has improved
    greatly. I believe this is the best vitamin ever. I highly urge you to
    check it out!

  17. I have lost 29 lbs in 6 weeks and I feel younger and so much more
    healthier. I was skeptical at first but I chose to try Green Coffee Bean
    and I’m happy I did.

  18. I am losing weight as well. So far I have lost 23 lbs in one month.

  19. I want to let everyone know it does work for weight loss. I was just like
    most other people who thought it would not work.

  20. Some people can’t afford change where they’ll be eating lean and
    exercising. So when it comes to no-life-style-changing tablets obviously
    people would rather taking that than changing their lifestyle.

  21. Clarinda Diberardino Reply February 17, 2014 at 12:20 pm

    SUPERHD? B4? … …
    Down 8 Lbs with out doing exercise :) if you want the same stuff I bought
    Just go to Amazon then search for – “Global Health Ideas green coffee bean
    then simply enter “7FX35LP4” at check out and you get 30% off discount.?

  22. “I’m serious” then laughs lol

  23. She said she was going to babble and she sure did. She’s very negative. She
    ought to give it a try if she’s going to post a video.

  24. We can vouch that Garcinia really works but remember only buy it from
    Amazon to be safe. Here is the one we are using –

  25. that lady tracy Wilson is on everyones video saying how many pounds she has
    lost on this pill and its always a different amount but the comment is in
    the same day smh… they are probably paying these ppl to false advertise
    these pills so that everyone will buy them, but like the lady in the video
    said “there is no magic pill… the magic is inside you” work out and do it
    the right way you will b so much more proud of yourself

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