Green Coffee Bean. How Green Coffee Bean Works ?

Green Coffee Bean. How Green Coffee Bean Works ?

Green Coffee Bean Does Not Always Work! Find Out at: Green coffee bean is made from the raw beans, or seeds, that are…

Dr. Oz Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss.....

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50 Responses to “Green Coffee Bean. How Green Coffee Bean Works ?”

  1. Nice video! I will subscribe. …I used GHI brand of green coffee bean
    extract. I got good deals and I lost weight. Very effective.

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  3. omg that is soo up3r awsome.

  4. how old do you have to be to start taking this?

  5. Cinnamon capsules have very few side effects.

  6. What’s the difference between that and regular green coffee bean extract?

  7. I will drink the green tea and then swallow the stuff that I used to make
    the tea

  8. Very interesting, great video!

  9. Where can I get those in Manila?

  10. is it okay to take green coffee bean extract if you have acid reflux ?

  11. FIRST

  12. wow im? gonna try this later

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  14. I like this video very much .

  15. I like it! Well done!

  16. gr8 1

  17. Very good. almost perfect :)

  18. Excellent video, I cant wait for more!

  19. I just want to know how mg before it becomes dangerous to your health.

  20. how do I know if I bought the correct green coffee bean bottle?

  21. Krishnaswamy Karthik Reply February 5, 2014 at 12:56 pm

    excelente video

  22. where can i find raw coffee beans

  23. what’s the best brand you can recommend us?

  24. I just want to know how mg before it becomes dangerous to your health.

  25. Love the vids<3

  26. But when I stop eating I get weak and cannot get active. When I eat healthy
    my blood sugar drops low and I get weak, dizzy, and irritable. Make a video
    on how to prevent this feeling so I can keep my energy and loss weight.
    Until then green coffee bean extract here I come. …I Used GHI brand of
    GCBE and I have success on it. I am healthy and fit.

  27. So much goddamn spam!

  28. Hey look it’s dumb and dumber! It’s obvious you both share 1 brain. You
    talk trash up against a well educated highly intelligent Doctor ( Dr. Oz )
    who knows what he’s talking about. I’ve see both you clowns also bashing
    Garcinia Cambogia. It’s obvious that intelligence isn’t your strong suite.
    More intelligence one can be obtained from a bag of rocks than these two
    idiots.Obviously they’re bashing Dr. Oz suggestions on Camogia and Green
    Coffee extracts because the might be trying to sell their own line of
    products perhaps? It’s just a guess. So do yourself a favor and don’t pay
    attention to these clowns.

  29. buttermilk pancakes!! 

  30. 4:08=straight troof

  31. My friend using GCBE for a 2 months and still losing weight.

  32. I come up with this link and it is a perfect deal on GCBE

  33. My husband and I put to use the GHI Brand of green coffee bean extract and
    we drop 30 Lbs .
    go to Amazon do a search for: “Global Health Ideas”
    Apply the 30% discount promotion code the company supplied to me.
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  34. 2:35 – 3:16 is 10 seconds on the Hodgetwins

  35. The WORST video I ever seen , most pointless video ever . It does work ,
    you didn’t even mentioned the Pros and Cons or why and why not to take … 

  36. So much goddamn spam! …I used GHI brand of GCBE and it is perfect for my

  37. If you are looking to get ripped, you should search google for Morsch
    Muscle Madness. They can help you get the body you deserve.

  38. I does work I have lost 21 lbs in 3 weeks so far. When you take it you need
    to take 3 pills everyday that’s all.

  39. I disagree totally it will work and it did for me.

  40. It does work I don’t know about other people but it worked for me.

  41. Just stop fuckin eating you fat asses

    To many calories equals fat gain 

  42. Well everyday we see more and more herbs and plants coming up to the
    market. They keep discovering new miracles of nature…or not? Like we
    haven’t as a human race to explore the whole globe with exception the
    underwater surface. Who guarantees that all these stuff are miracles of
    nature and not a miracle of laboratories?

  43. I love their honesty!

  44. I take them green coffee bean and I have lost 23 pounds in 1 month. If you
    want to lose weight they will help you to lose weight. I got my pills from
    a trusted website you can copy paste to visit the website

  45. i hate these two so fucking irritating


  47. Do you guys still share a bedroom ? Just wonderin

  48. … not even sure what to say to that lol

  49. but if you stop eating you stop burning as many calories lol

  50. you guys rock!

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