Does anyone have any diet plan ideas for my website?: green tea weight loss

Does anyone have any diet plan ideas for my website?

Well I am starting a blog about different diets that people hear of but dont know if they work and are afraid to try because they don’t want it to not work. This is the link:

Does anyone have any diet plans for me to try for 1-2 weeks and I can present my findings on my blog and report if they work or not? Also, any advise would be appreciated :) Thanks.

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One Response to “Does anyone have any diet plan ideas for my website?: green tea weight loss”

  1. There’s a very simple answer to what you’re trying to find out, it’s the same with all big secrets, and our secret is: there is none, there is no miracle diet out there that will help you lose the weight, there is no magical button to press to make it easier on you both physically or mentally.

    The only way you’re going to lose the weight healthfully, without any rebounds or any problems, is to lose it naturally, no gimmicks (green tea, weight loss pills, low this that and the other diet), having a healthy diet with decent portions of everything in the day, accompanied by exercise achieves the greatest results.

    I could go into immense details on the subject, but this is one of the few moments in life were I’m having that feeling were everything is just the way it should be and everything has it’s answer… so I’ll just ask you to take my word for it, this is something I have found out for myself, but if you want to try different diets, start of doing it the hard way, balanced portions, six meals a day, plenty of exercise (cardiovascular to lose weight, aerobic to tone up / build endurance, anaerobic to build some serious muscle).

    Have fun
    Michael JD

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