Do acai berry supplements aid in weight loss?: green tea weight loss

Do acai berry supplements aid in weight loss?

im not talking about the ones with all the colorful, tan buff people promoting fast weight loss. but those ones you find at sprouts or whole foods, they’re like all natural. do they help with weight loss? or is the green tea supplement more effective?

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One Response to “Do acai berry supplements aid in weight loss?: green tea weight loss”

  1. It’s funny how few years back, Acai was discovered in mainstream America and all of the sudden, so many companies jumped on the bandwagon to promote this “new miracle fruit” that supposedly possesses wonderful weight loss properties. Yeah, if you eat only them!! And why not? – there is tons of money to be made off of the exceedingly large amount of obese people in the world today who are looking endlessly and exhaustingly for help to take off pounds. I feel badly for them, because in desperation, they spend so much hard-earned money and time on trying all of these gimmicks, only to be disappointed.

    I’ll get off of my soapbox now (sorry – I just get very irritated how companies take advantage of the disadvantaged all for the sake of greed!). If you want to learn more of Acai and all of its wonderful nutritional properties, search for “David Wolfe + Acai” – he was one of the main guys who introduced this berry into the mainstream. – I don’t think I’ve ever read or heard him talk once about any weight loss properties of it….. only that it’s high in antioxidants and other nutrients. But, so are many other fruits! And, if you go on a frugivore diet, you will reap weight loss benefits!

    For the sake of your question, I Googled “Acai + weight loss” and “green tea + weight loss” and got almost 17,000,000 results and over 10,000,000 results respectively – see what I mean! You’re better off just cutting out animal products and byproducts and eating a mostly raw vegan diet – you can’t imagine how quickly you can lose weight while becoming healthier, more vibrant and energetic, and attaining a exuberant over-all well-being!! So, to answer your question – neither one. For your own sake, stop falling for the lose-weight-quick schemes and do what you know is best – eat healthy, exercise, and get plenty of good rest – your body will then know how to reach your ultimate weight AND health.

    Once again, I apologize for sounded all high and mighty, but I’ve been there and done all of it – for 35 years (since I was a teenager)! My last endeavor with a truly effective, sustainable raw food diet lifestyle has finally gotten me long-lasting results. And to say the least, I think you know it, too, because we all know it, we just want an easier way! But, truly, there isn’t one that doesn’t drag behind failure and complications. Hope I helped a tad! 😉 😉 😉 Much luck to you and good health!<br/>

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