Can anyone recommend a good green tea?: green tea weight loss

Can anyone recommend a good green tea?

I want to start drinking green tea, as I’ve heard it can help you to lose weight. Can any one recommend a good brand of green tea? And what results did you get from it?
I live in the UK btw. So UK brands please.

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  1. Some of the benefits of green tea which I’ve found during my research.

    1. It is used to treat multiple sclerosis.

    2. It is used for treatment and prevention of cancer.

    3. It is used to stop Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

    4. It is used to raise the metabolism and increase fat oxidation.

    5. It reduces the risk of heart diseases and heart attacks by reducing the risk of thrombosis.

    6. It reduces the risk of esophageal cancer.

    7. Drinking green tea inhibits the growth of certain cancer cells, reduces the level of cholesterol in blood, improves the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol.

    8. It is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular diseases

    9. It is used to treat impaired immune function and boost the immune system. .

    10. Some researches show that, drinking green tea regularly may help prevent tooth decay by killing the bacteria which cause the dental plaque.

    If you want to lose weight and stay healthy, though, green tea can be an important contributor to your weight loss program. Try following these green tea weight loss tips: Drink 3-6 cups of green tea per day and see if it relieves stress, decreases appetite and gives you more energy.

    The recommended high quality green tea is at the source below. You can always buy it online although you live in UK.<br/>
    Eliza Minor

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