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Wu Yi Oolong Tea Wulong Tea 100 Bags Foojoy

FOOJOY WUYI OOLONG is named for the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian, where mists, clouds, and unique soil conditions produce teas of exceptional character. Hand plucked leaves are carefully sorted, allowed to oxidize partially, and skillfully fired to make this golden, amber-colored brew. Wuyi Oolong has a bold, long-lasting flavor and an inviting Read more

Wulong Oolong Weight Loss Tea

http://biotanicalhealth.com/products/wulong-oolong-tea/ [ccw-atrib-link] Read more

3 Boxes of Wu-Long (Oolong) Premium Slimming Tea – All Natural Diet Oolong Tea , 100% Pure and the Original

Burns 2x more calories than green tea The time to buy is RIGHT NOW! 400-Year-Old Chinese “Secret” Tea naturally boosts your metabolism and burns calories. Drink Away Unwanted Fat with Okuma’s Wu-Long Slimming Tea, the World’s #1 Fat-Burning Diet Tea. If you’ve ever wanted a convenient way to boost your metabolism, Read more

Wu Yi Oolong (Wulong) Weight Loss Tea Production Video

http://www.wu-yioolongteas.com/ Oolong (Wulong) tea is normally produced by hand on the farms where the tea leaves are plucked. This video shows one of our t… [ccw-atrib-link] Read more

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