Yogi Detox Tea Review

after a week or two i couldnt even take a sip of this. i got headaches because of the scent. if theres anyone out there who know of other good detox tea, ple…


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44 Responses to “Yogi Detox Tea Review”

  1. Made this video longer with your continuous brain farts. Get it together. 

  2. This shit tastes nasty. I am drinking some right now. I put two bags in one
    cup and I feel like throwing up!!! Maybe I wouldn’t feel so grossed out if
    I had only put one bag instead of two.

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  4. Why are tryin to detox in a first place or if you know what’s wrong with
    you or your sure that you have that symptom that your liver needs detox

  5. xXMajesticBeautyXx Reply December 16, 2013 at 8:52 pm

    Lol cute and great video

  6. I really like the skin detox that I’ve been trying from yogi!!! I love the
    demo and taste!!!

  7. I drink this tea but not every day. If you would switch up from the detox
    to the skin detox or the perfect energy you wouldn’t have a problem with
    the smell (all detox). I recommend adding organic honey and/or lime (lemon)
    to any of the tea. Ginger tea can be overwhelming to me but when I add the
    honey & lemon I can tolerated it better. Also you are comical with the
    faces and zooming, but the gross out sounds was a bit much. I recommend
    this tea be tried for it overall benefits. I FEEL GREAT!!

  8. Traditional Medicinal’s “Organic Weightless” (Cranberry) for the relief of
    water weight gain. Good results with this tea. It’s ingredients include red
    clover, cleavers, fennel, which also aid in the detox of liver and lymph as
    well. Overall good tea, good results, good for you.

  9. lame video!

  10. I have a peach detox yogi tea.. try that out. it doesn’t taste like peach,
    but it may taste different than that one so you could give it a go. Try
    detoxing once a week rather than drinking a lot of tea every day. We have a
    lot of toxin build up and that could be dangerous to get out so quickly
    without eliminating it all.

  11. You could have told us everything in about 1.5 minutes. Jesus get to the
    point already!

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  13. I agree the taste is nasty!

  14. I like to use Laci Le Beau Maximum Strength Super Dieter’s Tea Cleanse. It
    works for me and sometimes i mix in Yogi green tea blueberry slim life with
    it just to get my green tea in for the day. But like i said it works great
    alone and its not strong smelling or anything. You do only one tea bag
    after your dinner.

  15. i got this tea to help me lose weight i was losing 2 pounds a day and i
    wouldnt workout everyday and it smell but i could drink it everyday if i
    wanted my mom hates when i make it lol

  16. Wow…Horrible review…if that is what you want to classify it as being.

  17. I bought the “peach” flavor and it isn’t all that bad. Adding a sweetner
    helps. I don’t think it’s any worse than drinking a strong green tea.

  18. Abril, detoxing your liver is something you should take slowly. Whenever
    you are drinking a tea, the longer you steep it, the more intense the tea
    will be (steeping time also depends on the blend of tea). This tea can be
    steeped from 5 to 10 minutes for 1 bag to intensify results without
    resorting to 2 bags. If you haven’t detoxed before & don’t thoroughly
    understand the “crisis” effects of detoxing, you should start slowly. If
    your bowels moved better then you had good results. To be continued

  19. Add honey haha makes it 1000x better

  20. I’ve tried this an it says to steep for 5-10 minutes so not sure where she
    read 10 bags a day???? 1-3 bags a day is correct but either way she still
    in space. Lmao.

  21. Well all imma say is I DIDN’T watch ALL the video, as soon as I heard drink
    10 bags a day I was like okay she doesn’t know what she talking about an no
    wonder she got sick of it. It’s 1-3 cups a DAY! Duh not so bright I think a
    BRAIN detox is needed here lol

  22. I Thought This Was Rita Ora.

  23. Pt II: Detoxing is not a miracle or microwave process. Just as it takes
    time for our bad habits to change the body, so is it true for the good
    habits. When detoxing, you are attuning your body at a cellular level,
    which promotes healthy organ function & overall health. This process must
    be taken seriously and slowly. How were your eating habits during your tea
    program? Food is the number one cause of bloating, irregularity and energy
    depletion or increase. Consider your diet. To be continued

  24. Annoying and don’t know what your talking about

  25. She actually said she drank 1 to 3 bags. She only read that a person could
    drink up to 10 bags a day from the directions on the box. (Granted, she
    gave way more info about everything else, ha ha)

  26. Well I add a green pomegranate&cranberry tea and I love the tea!

  27. you’re definitely a trooper!! just thinking of it makes my head hurt. lol
    but congrats on losing the weight. GET IT GIRL!!!

  28. I for one like the taste. It is a detox tea not necessarily made for taste

  29. Herbal medicinals makes one and actually a lot of different brands make a
    detox tea. yogi does have different flavoured ones but it still has the
    sarsaparilla which is the overwhelming scent that’s making you feel icky
    … but maybe if you mixed it up between brands so you don’t get sick of
    it. I don’t think you were on it long enough to see improvement. As far as
    BMs you could just take a Senna Tea, a lot of “natural” brands carry a
    laxative tea.

  30. The box says: Drink 1 to 3 cups anytime during the day, up to 10 bags a

  31. Queen B d tox

  32. Don’t make videos when you’re high.

  33. Is this bitch high !?

  34. I love this tea- whenever I feel groggy a few sips will rejuvenate

  35. R u serious! Ridiculous video, I stoped watching.

  36. so annoying . worst review I’ve ever seen

  37. Some people don’t like the Skin Detox tea because of the herbs they use to
    flavor it: rose, green tea, orange peel and hibiscus. Rose tea is really an
    acquired taste. The herbs that do all the work are actually: yellow dock
    root, dandelion root, Oregon grape root, red clover and burdock root. The
    yogi tea was too expensive for me so I bought the separate ingredients and
    made it at home and I can tell you the herbs that cleanse you have no
    flavor by themselves.

  38. Ur n idiot goshh

  39. Stfu your an idiot

  40. Well someone needs to get their ish together

  41. right?!

  42. Pt III: Your acquired aversion to the smell of the tea could be due to
    toxic overload. Water is essential, ESPECIALLY when detoxing. It helps to
    move all that waste out of your body. How much water were you drinking
    daily during those three weeks? Also, eat more lively foods. You don’t have
    to do it all at once, but make a few healthy changes that that you can
    stick with. Consistency is key. Are you exercising regularly? This is also
    key. 30 minutes of movement a day is detoxifying. Best Wishes.

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