What Is The Best Weight Loss Diet?

http://www.erinhuggins.com I get so many questions about food, fitness, nutrition, weight loss, fat loss etc. and i say, keep them coming!! i want to help yo…


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40 Responses to “What Is The Best Weight Loss Diet?”

  1. LoseBodyFatPronto Reply March 19, 2014 at 11:17 pm

    Losing weight and unwanted pounds really distills down to using common
    sense and putting yourself in a position to succeed. That often means a
    life style change, otherwise you’re trying to get different results by
    doing the same thing over and over ( Einstein said that’s the definition of
    insanity). First, get it in your head that you can do this and you will.
    The nutrition and exercise part comes second.

  2. hey erin.i was looking into the metabolic typing and i seem to be a “mixed
    type”.it tells me to Shoot for 50 percent of my calories from protein and
    fats and the remaining 50 percent from carbohydrates.i don’t really
    understand what that means,how do i know whats 50 percent of my calories?

  3. great video Erin!!!!

  4. @miragoey Is this the video you said? /watch?v=7XM7YGqOia0

  5. I wouldn’t mind doing this but I can’t afford $257.Can I learn everything
    from the book?

  6. i know what you mean. go protein type go!!

  7. Thanks for recommending ‘The Metabolic Typing Diet.’ There’s pockets of
    good information in a lot of different diet books. None of them are ever
    perfect. I personally found the books and website by Drs. Michael Roizen
    and Mehmet Oz the most helpful in my success in weight loss. It took me
    over TEN YEARS to find the right information. That is just too long. No
    wonder obesity numbers in America continue to rise.

  8. so cute so cute.

  9. Thank you so much this is great! Can you find out what your metabolic type
    is with that book?

  10. They laughed when I told them I would lose weight with Lean Body Blaster,
    but then they saw the results. Google Lean Body Blaster to see their

  11. Hi, have you heard of “Belly Fat Quencher” yet? Just just search Google.
    There you will see a helpful free video by a well respected doctor and
    certified dietitian revealing how to burn body fat. It made it easier for
    Sheila to lose her abdominal fat. Hopefully it will work for you also…

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    accomplish it easily using Cosmos Fat Loss (go google it).

  13. i wish it didn’t have the word “diet” in the title though. it gives people
    the wrong impression of what it is. metabolic typing is the way to go!

  14. hey, there’s a link in the description next to the video. it will take you
    directly to the info on my website about the test.

  15. your /metabolic-typing/ link does not work :(

  16. Nagina Rajbhandari Reply March 20, 2014 at 3:12 am

    It would be a shame for you not to bulk up when other people do it easily
    using Zippy Fat Loss (Look it up on google).

  17. Everyone turns out to be a mixed type with that book. Go see a
    professional. You need to get the testing done right. I have done it and it
    works…the book is great as a resource. The test works.

  18. Vansit Codarring Reply March 20, 2014 at 3:52 am

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  19. thank you great information!

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  21. This is so true. I have always felt embarassed for eating low carb because
    its considered a stupid fad; However, I bought that book and took the
    metabolic typing test and as its turns out I’m a protein type. I tune out
    anyone who tries to say that there is some kind of one-size-fits-all
    approach to dieting.

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  24. eat fruits and vegetables ONLY, and the fat will fall off. Problem is,
    overweight people are addicted to junk food so they can’t stick to it.

  25. awe you rock!! well, i can’t train her, but i can see her for nutrition.
    all my nutrition clients are phone clients. this week i had clients in
    singapore, chicago, washington, etc… just make sure who ever she sees for
    nutrition is trained in metabolic typing :) i can recommend a great trainer
    in brooklyn, email me directly for the info if you want it.

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  28. I love your comment about the food pyramid. I have stuggled with weight
    most of my life due to have two fractures in my lower spine. I went to a
    nutritional therapist about 8 years ago and she had me eat per the food
    pyramid and in the month I followed her advice I gained 20 pounds. Thank
    you for giving me another reference point to work from

  29. maxmaxmaxmaxmaxmax10 Reply March 20, 2014 at 6:59 am

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  30. GREAT ANSWER! i hate when people pretend they know what’s right for others.

  31. Hello! Have you thought about cleverous 402 diet (google it)? Ive heard
    some incredible things about it and my father lost tons of weight with it.

  32. thats right, if you stop eating, your body goes into “survival” mode.
    starts storing any and all food you do start consuming. eating in small
    incraments through out the day is the best proven way to lose it. if i need
    to further explain, feel free to let me know

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  36. don’t stop eating silly. if you are constantly restricting your diet you
    will most definitely GAIN weight. get yourself on a regular food schedule
    and make sure to eat 3-5 x a day.

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    “Aston Fat Furnace”. You are certainly get the appearance you want.

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  40. Read ARTHUR AGATSTON M.D.’s book “THE South Beach Diet” as he is a medical
    doctor and a Professor at the U. of Miami Medical School. He developed the
    diet for his cardiology patients. He explains why most people can’t lose
    weight on other diets, as we have Insulin Resistance/Metabolic Syndrome. He
    is very knowledgeable and easy to understand.

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