WEIGHT TO GO! PU-ERH TEA by Teavana Review

Now this is what I’m talking about!!! After trying Strawberry Slender Pu-erh tea by Teavana I was a little scorned. I did NOT like it!! Yucky yuck yuck! But …


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23 Responses to “WEIGHT TO GO! PU-ERH TEA by Teavana Review”

  1. 0:14 “Pew-Air” tea lmao! Is that another way of saying Fart tea? (^◡^)*

  2. I have this and i was tryingn to find out about it more thank you!!

  3. Water sorry about that

  4. did put any suger, i dont like drinking tea without sugar

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  6. No problem! :)

  7. thank you :)

  8. Ps I got the strawberry rosé champagne! I love tea without sweetener! I
    love strawberry flavored things so I was happy getting this! P.s. I’m
    drinking my tea as we speak! The strawberry rosé champagne oolong tea and
    the weight lose tea!

  9. You have a great personality. Thanks for this video. I can’t wait to try it!

  10. I use honey :)

  11. No problem!! :)

  12. You know I just recently started drinking my teas unsweetened and at first
    I was like yuck!!! But now it’s just fine :)

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  14. Love this review, can’t wait to try it! Right now im drinking numi cardamom
    and Pu-Erh

  15. Did it help u loose weight ?

  16. No lol I wish it did! :) I drink mines sweetened so that kind of goes
    against the grain. If you can consume this unsweetened it might work.

  17. i actually really like this tea

  18. Thank you!! And I bet that’ sgood!! It sounds good :)

  19. I totally agree :)

  20. Look my folfs there is nothing to spend on a book of nutition.simple just
    eat right ejercise and drink lots of whater and red tea green tea oolong pu
    erh tea after every meal youll see results

  21. mmmm hmm

  22. Thank you!!! :)

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