Weight Loss Workouts [ 3 DVD Set] Amazing weight loss workouts

Amazing Weight Loss Workouts ,Get toned with this great fitness & exercise 3 DVD set and get your heart pumping while you lose weight. Start circulating healthy oxygenated blood around your body and strengthen your heart. High intensity weight loss workout’s & diet that get rid of fat fast aswell as releasing “feel good endorphins” sculpt and tone you abs.

Easy to follow weight loss routine, you will be amazed at how energised you start to feel with this amazing weight loss workout.Learn how to firm your chest. Strengthen your back and sculpt your bum.

Tone and strengthen your arms toned legs to match.

Product Features

  • Eat Smart , Be fit, and live well.
  • Disk 1 Workouts for your cardio + abs,
  • Disk 2 Workouts for your shoulders, arms and legs,
  • Disk 3 Tone up and strengthen with these specially designed weight loss workouts “Mix & Match”,
  • A total set of 10 weight loss workout sequences targets these often difficult to tone areas of your body Avoid the debilitating back pain that millions of people in the uk experience. A brilliant set of 3 dvds you can achieve easily step by step in the comfort of your own home.


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