So I got introduced to this new tea at Teavana, now I’m going to see if it really works.


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  4. MONKEYS did not climb trees to get this like you said. Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm

  5. There are several teas that can help lose weight. Monkey picked Oolong
    happens to be just the finest and most expensive of all those teas. I lost
    about 3lbs in one day after drinking 2 cups of the tea.

  6. Hi Haroun

  7. I love tea’s too, and sadly there aren’t a lot of places you can go and
    sample teas in Providence, I bought some a ways back and it’s fantastic…
    Teavana’s prices are outrageous, use them to get small amounts to find what
    you like, then buy them online..

  8. Hey wats up I’m garrett i drink this tea its great u can re steep it 5
    times its very rare i bought some in portland oregon at the block place i
    sniffed a lot of the teas my self teavana is great and monkey picked oolong
    is to

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  10. Lmao…..I just had the same experience at Teavana today and ended up
    buying the $25 monkey tea. Lol they are some good sales people.

  11. You’re in my area?? That’s cool. Yea every time I go to Providence Place or
    Emerald Square I have a few samples. lol. I heard there is a tea place in
    Newport. There is a place on Ebay that I get my tea from called Dori’s Tea
    Cottage, they are really good.

  12. Go to a Chinese tea shop. That is where the best tea is sold.

  13. @ylimel1 Hey! Thank you for watching. I’m glad you actually do know about
    the tea. I got it and I like it a lot. I did find two cheaper companies,
    but I wonder if they are as good as Teavana. I have never had the Teavana
    tea.The one that I did purchase I was reading reviews on it and it seemed
    like it was just as good. I hope so!

  14. I don’t usually drink tea but I’m trying to break myself into it

  15. adagio tea is really good!

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  17. It would be unlikely for you to find the same or better quality for the
    price point TeaVana offers. Since they do not go through a distributor, but
    get their tea directly from the reserves, they are able to have a lower
    price point.

  18. $200 / pound is a pretty common price for a high quality oolong. HOWEVER,
    teavana has NO high quality oolong, regardless of what their staff says.
    you could buy a much higher quality from a legitimate tea shop for about 45
    per pound. anyone that tells you the tea is actually “monkey picked” is
    very deceived, its all picked by people haha. and any tea will help with
    weight loss for various reasons, but a raw puerh is the best for this.
    however, its hard to find @ a good price for most people

  19. Look at the youtube video titled ” The truth about Teavana ” It might be
    something people should do before they buy that brand.

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  23. Hey! I somehow stumbled upon your video googling Monkey Picked Oolong tea
    looking for the Teavana link. It does help aid in weight loss and it helps
    you just feel better overall! It’s a great tea; one of my favorites! It’s
    great to mix with other teas, too! Hope you enjoy it. Glad you found a
    better deal, it’s an expensive tea. If you don’t mind to let me know if
    it’s as good as Teavana’s. Thanks!

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  25. Really? Where can I find it?

  26. I’ve never heard of this. I’ll have to check it out.Thanks for the advice
    and thanks for watching.

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  28. Monkey Picked Oolong is amazing! I bought a quarter pound of it a couple of
    months ago and I love it! It is a bit pricey, I think I paid like 97
    dollars for it, but it is very much worth it. It does in fact help with
    digestion and speed up your metabolism. You can also reuse the same leaves
    up to 4 times and the tea still tastes great! It even seems like it tastes
    better after every reuse. Anyway, this tea is amazing I simply LOVE it, and
    since you can reuse the leaves, it can last you a while:)

  29. @DEean6969 I hate to say this but I purchased another Oolong Tea bag and
    it’s garbage. It tastes nothing like the Teavana brand. The bag tea is much
    darker and not as fresh as the loose leaf.

  30. Always keep tea in a completely air and light tight tin and you should have
    over a year to get through it. Loose leaf is always better then bagged. Do
    some research on what makes tea good, and never expect results from an
    inferior tea. Benefits are a direct result of the quality of the tea you
    consume. It take anywhere from one to three months at three cups a day to
    notice benefits. The west is the only place tea is not used medicinally and
    not for good reasons.

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  32. Preciate ya

  33. @yttwintip Thank you for watching and commenting. I’m only familiar with
    Teavana since it’s at the mall. What other tea shops are there? Could you
    provide me with names? Thanx!

  34. If you bought “the same stuff” at the grocery store for 2 for 5 dollars,
    its not the same stuff. The monkey picked oolong is the rarest and highest
    quality tea on earth. You get what you pay for and if you want to buy shit
    bagged tea for 5 dollars that’s cool cause it will more than likely have no
    health benefits for you but if you actually want to lose weight buy monkey
    picked oolong and drink it every day for a month. it’s not magic you cant
    just drink a cup and be skinny. it takes commitment

  35. Mr.freelancescrapper Reply December 28, 2013 at 9:35 am


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  37. I found some online for way cheaper than Teavana, but I really do like
    their tea. Tea bags are totally garbage, I can really tell the difference.
    But thank you for watching!

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