Weight Loss & Nutrition: YOUR Questions Answered, LIVE CHAT 3pm CENTRAL


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35 Responses to “Weight Loss & Nutrition: YOUR Questions Answered, LIVE CHAT 3pm CENTRAL”

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  6. sean Connery/Patrick Stewart/Ben Kingsley, thats who this guy is!! lol
    Where do you find these look alikes!?!

  7. lets settle this once and for all. have Athena massage the owl in your
    video :-)

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  10. the owl is also a symbol of death.

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  12. lolz Coleman

  13. even 100% whole grain flour is not good for you. i some cases its even
    worse if not prepared right. i would avoid all grains exception for some

  14. the cremation of the care is not about wisdom.

  15. peeeeeep

  16. u can overdose on Corrina looks

  17. Eating regular whole fruits would be better, because drying the fruit adds
    a good deal of sugar. Just the read the label and make sure there’s no
    added sugar!! Still a healthier snack than candy bars or soda, but whole
    fresh fruit is healthier than dried fruit- does that help?

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  19. Do you think that diet can also solve acne problems?

  20. Bute is a painkiller used for horses, Bute is a short term for a long word

  21. Energy drinks cause mental retardation…That might explain whats happening
    to todays pro athletes.

  22. Owl symbolism goes back to ancient Egypt and probably before. If anything
    it’s an occult symbol, which naturally the masons use.

  23. doctor talk

  24. what do you man they were debunked? Theories get debunked….which TED
    talk? i heard the Eddie Huang episode, and other speakers have disputes
    with them e.g G. Hancock

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  27. I wanna eat all the Psychetruth girls!

  28. In Norway, every cow is grass fed. They are walking around freely and they
    look healthy. I feel it helps my conscious, knowing the cow was happy while

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  30. its mass marketing …

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  32. Arthur TheSemiDutch Reply February 14, 2014 at 8:15 am

    Thank YOU, Both. Much appreciated!

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  34. Thanks so much everyone!!!

  35. eat that banana corrina!

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