Weight Loss Herbal Slimming Tea

http://www.ChoYung.com Weight Loss Herbal Slimming Tea Helps you Lose weight and keep it off see the results others have found Cho-Yung is 100% Natural Slimm…


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14 Responses to “Weight Loss Herbal Slimming Tea”

  1. this is just an expensive laxative! you shit the food out before it gets
    stored as fat , not healthy what so ever!

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  8. Karthikeyan Mahadevan Reply January 16, 2014 at 8:10 pm


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  11. @thickpooxbox360 It’s slimming. Thats why ppl pay. Slimming. Drink it for
    slimming effects.

  12. @thickpooxbox360 Doesn’t claim to be healthy, only 100% natural and

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  14. @yeosch25i Why pay money to become more unhealthy though?

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