Weight Loss, Full Body Cleanse and Teatox Detox Tea From Matefit 14 Day Teatox 100% Natural Appetite Control

MateFit 14 days Mini Teatox (14 day cleanse) combines the powers of MateFit Metabolic Boost herbal tea and MateFit Detox herbal tea.

It comes with 120 grams of MateFit Metabolic Boost and 35 grams of MateFit Detox. With this teatox you can promote your body’s metabolism with twice the force.

You can consume MateFit Metabolic Boost daily twice, but you have to consume MateFit Detox every other day.

Drink tablespoon of Metabolic Boost everyday 15 minutes before breakfast and lunch.

Drink tablespoon of Detox every other night after dinner.

Product Features

  • TeaTox
  • Detox
  • Tea


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