Weight Loss Diary #8 & P90x Day 3 & Green Tea

Reasons why green tea helps you with your weight loss: http://www.nowloss.com/Green_tea.htm google it and there’s more info on it. :) twitter: http://www.twi…


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17 Responses to “Weight Loss Diary #8 & P90x Day 3 & Green Tea”

  1. Love your update!! I had to modify the arms this week because I went “too
    heavy” with my “BAND!! Ab Ripper is wicked and I can’t do them all, no
    worries, we’ll get better in time…i hope. LOL My stomach hurts when I
    cough, sneeze and laugh, that exercise is no JOKE!! Can’t wait to see your
    next update!!! Press play!!! =D

  2. @KCgirlontherun I know right? Geez when he said 25 reps I was like I got
    this and nope not even close. But like you said we are going to get there
    eventually. :) Pressing play :)

  3. Love green tea I drink it once a day in the A.M as my coffee=) Ab ripper x
    huh? I may have to borrow it form a friend =)

  4. Good day! I’m James.I did -25 lbs last two months.Go to aidadiet.com

  5. your doing fantastic… keep up the great job!

  6. @HopefullyShrinking Thanks I appreciate it. Yeah I’ve been weight lifting
    on and off for the past year. I started with 10s but now I’m up to 20-25.
    But there are still some exercises that I can only do 10lbs. It all depends
    what part of the muscle I’m working on. I’m weak when it comes to parallel
    shoulder flys. Those hurt w/10lbs after 5 then I start losing form. But its
    good your using weights. Some people don’t like weights. Good for you. Hope
    all is well. :)

  7. @dottiemay71 Yeah everyone can handle different weights. But I’ve been
    weight trainning on and off for about a year so 10s just don’t do it for
    me. However, in some exercises that’s all I can do so obviously its about
    what muscle I’m exercising as well. And yes the ab ripper is nuts. I’m
    thinking of uploading little snip its so people can do it on their own pace
    and time. Yeah try green tea the way I drink it is cold. So tea bag in
    water and put it in the freezer to chill for a min.

  8. Hello! I’m David.I did -30 lbs last 1 week.Go to hawght.so#yovl

  9. Nah! .I did -35 lbs last two months.Visit hawght.so#7yg8JWs

  10. HopefullyShrinking Reply June 3, 2014 at 4:53 am

    Geez… I have a hard time with 5lb weights! Good for you!

  11. Good work accountabilibuddy:) Are you going to make a vlog everyday of p90?
    Sounds like it’s going great!

  12. @dottiemay71 Also, I’m glad you like the videos. I like your videos too.
    Its all about sharing what your doing and things you see here and there.
    Pick out a few topics you like that could help others and with time you’ll
    find your own unique way of vlogging. But keep up the great work. :)

  13. You are doing amazing! You are pulling 25’s!!!!! OMG I only used 15’s on
    SOME of my moves. Ab ripper is amazing but hard. I started doing only 10-15
    of each and now i do 20-25 of each on good days LOL. Keep going, push play
    no matter how tired you are. I LOVE green tea. I had coffee yesterday and
    today and before that i hadnt had it in about a week and i can
    tell…..green tea is way better. Id rather drink hot tea and water than
    anything else. I love you and you look so happy, keep at it!

  14. @L0seWeightWithMe lol thanks. And yes I’ve tried SO BE I love it.

  15. WHoot Whoot your kicking butt with that P90x I need to try some Green Tea.
    Have you tried Sobe Life Water it has 0 calories and taste so good

  16. TheMightyKessdawg Reply June 3, 2014 at 6:47 am

    Arizona Diet Green Tea is some good stuff! ­čśÇ

  17. @lizard26 omg yeah girl it burns!! I mean I’ve never experienced anything
    like it. And like I said I do a lot of ab exercises that I thought were
    pretty hard but I was really put to the test with the ab ripper. If you can
    get a copy of it try it, I’d definitely want to know how you feel about it.

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