Weight loss! Day 5 of my sugar free diet! The scale is my friend!

I weighed in after just 5 days of being sugar free.. watch my vide to see how much I lost already! Also, diet tracking, exercise and body update.


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23 Responses to “Weight loss! Day 5 of my sugar free diet! The scale is my friend!”

  1. Try eating mangoes

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  3. You look greay! @122lbs. You increased by weight loss goal, being 5.3ft. Im

  4. im eating a brownie while i watch this. haha

  5. ur already in great shape u dont need a diet

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  7. @psycho28461 Awesome! good luck to you! congrats on the wt loss too

  8. i just cut out sugar, and breads. i’m eating only meats and vegetables and
    i’m having similar symptoms. I’ve been pretty irritable, and i feel super
    hungry all the time. it’s starting to go away now.

  9. just wanted to say i am doing the same thing started on nov 1 and i checked
    the scale this morning and i lost 5 pounds so far. a pound a day i guess.
    but good luck!

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  14. Little grumpy… interesting. On day five I had to be alone or I was afraid
    I’d ruin life-long relationships. Short tempered, unreasonable, angry.
    Whew… having some good flashbacks watching your videos!

  15. how did u handle/ignor the cravings at night?

  16. Sugar is dope. I am an addict, trying to curtail my consumption. Going
    completely off is not realistic for me. good luck on your endeavor

  17. @melenn, I helped the cravings at night by drinking hot tea, or having some
    popcorn (healthy kind). This seemed to help a lot. Also, just keeping
    yourself busy, or around friends helps a lot. :)

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  21. Andriy Komaritski Reply April 16, 2014 at 10:11 am

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