The White Tea Companion (The Tea Companion)

Tea is the second most consumed liquid on earth, only after water. It contains legendary health benefits from increasing our metabolism, to helping prevent cancer, these legends now confirmed by modern science. Tea extends thousands of years into our history, richly intertwining with civilization since the dawn of our existence as a settled people. Humanities love affair with this complex and sensual liquor is just as old, the allure and complexity it offers surpasses even that of beer and wine.

The White Tea Companion takes the reader through what tea actually is, how it is made, the differences between the numerous kinds of tea, and different tools and implements that are used to secure the perfect cup of tea. The focus is on the illustrious and complex creation and experience of white tea; illuminating for newly initiated tea enthusiasts as well as veterans of this subtle art, you will be guided into the world of white tea.


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