The Top Kombucha Weightloss Benefits To Drink Kombucha Tea

More Kombucha Benefits Here: In this video we discuss kombucha weightloss benefits and ways people may benefit from weighloss in regards to …


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16 Responses to “The Top Kombucha Weightloss Benefits To Drink Kombucha Tea”

  1. How do you calculate your home-brew kombucha’s caloric value? Use a
    hydrometer? Mine tastes good, nice carbonation – I just don’t want to be
    drinking 200 calorie per serving ‘butch. 

  2. Love this!!!

  3. um.. why not take a sip of something SO YOU STOP MAKING SO MANY SWALLOWING

  4. I would like to know if this kambucha drink is safe for a person with one
    kidney only? I will appreciate that, thank you.

  5. where the best place or what is the best brand to buy?

  6. is he beautiful because he drinks so much Kombucha?

  7. kombuchabenefits Reply April 12, 2015 at 7:29 pm

    @mrgordylks Hey! It all depends on the individual (I am working on a video
    to go into more depth).. but a good rule of thumb is to start small.. like
    4oz 3 times a day.. and work your way up… in other words it is better to
    be a turtle than a rabbit… and the other big thing is to drink lots of
    water! more info if you google “GetKombucha” Dave :)

  8. I have a question I have not seen addressed anywhere yet.. Kombucha is
    fermented, fermented means that alcohol is present, correct?? so, would a
    person who is a recovering alcoholic be advised to NOT drink konbucha?

  9. Cute and educated…good work!

  10. well, I might be a little biased.. but I would recommend our company
    GetKombucha[dot]com :)

  11. so i wonder…do you have a video on what hte mothers MIGHT LOOK LIKE? Mine
    is looking weird it has DARK SPOTS on the corners, like brown bubbly…is
    it mold? Or just mothering along? I’m fermenting wtih kefir; water and milk
    but the kombucha thing is weirdign me out….pls offer help. TY

  12. i thought young tom hanks was talking about kombucha.

  13. @MsChika74 I also have one kidney, I am wondering the same thing!

  14. misleading title

  15. try royal kombucha they sell started kits from 19.99 free shipping.

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