the green tea diet

this will be my last video on this channel, im making another channel, so if you’re subscribed to me, go subscribe to that one.


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7 Responses to “the green tea diet”

  1. @CrimsonBeauty90 Are you serioues Arizona Tea has HFCS(High fructose corn
    syrup) which has mercury in it and rat studies show that HFCS caused them
    to gain weight and were becoming obesed! reason behind this is because it
    somehow messes with your glucose in a way that isn’t right n it causes you
    to gain weight so reading that I wondered if HFCS could be maybe one of the
    main culprits in causing Diabetes! So look at the ingredients carefully, if
    there’s HFCS avoid it at all costs!

  2. @CrimsonBeauty90 And also the best tea you can drink is loose leaf, because
    the essential oils with all the good stuff is in tact in the leaf instead
    of dried up like bagged tea, stripping it of antioxidants. It still has
    them but not near as much as the loose leaf does, plus it tastes better.
    Has a fresh taste. I make mine in the coffee pot, brews it perfectly. 1
    tbsp per 4 cups of water you use in the coffee pot. Mango green tea nom nom

  3. @InTheKnow88 thanks!

  4. thats my sister so shut your freaking mouth

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  6. Call it “not-so-emo-ish-chick”

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