The CELLULITE ELIMINATION DIET- What to Eat to Lose Cottage Cheese Rolls!



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49 Responses to “The CELLULITE ELIMINATION DIET- What to Eat to Lose Cottage Cheese Rolls!”

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  8. Zoe Jaymz Quevedo Reply April 13, 2014 at 10:34 am

    Oh, sir! You’re absolutely wonderful.

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  10. I have to take Dianette, a high oestrogen and progestoren- based pill,
    pretty much until I have children (which I’m not planning on for another 10
    years -I’m 22). If I do this diet, drink all my water, do all my exercise,
    eliminate processed salts and sugars, will it all be for nothing? Obviously
    my health will improve, but will it not help my cellulite at all if I’m
    ingesting one of the 3 main culprits daily?

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  12. @lauraacanfly I heart you too, group hug

  13. hell yeah i’m ready

  14. “You do NOT want to look like Rosie O’donnell, HUH?” hahahaha, you crack me
    up. Great video!

  15. I love your videos you freakin rock

  16. Doh ;(

  17. holy crap, i’m just gonna toss my mirror away :-)

  18. wow thanks your very right,,very simple stuff often cures it..

  19. Braj kisor yadav Reply April 13, 2014 at 1:41 pm

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  20. @lauraacanfly Hey hey easy there missy, Youtube removed the image as I
    didn’t own the copyrights to it…I just found a random internet photo-
    don’t hate!

  21. ” plan your shit out!”

  22. added to favorites.

  23. Tips for vegetarians? Because if no soy is allowed… oh no! Please help.

  24. Love this!!

  25. Thank you so much Chef. So awesome that your videos are also for women :)
    much love

  26. omggg im a vegetarian too & they all say eat lean meats for weight loss &
    shit & i cantt!…& i have no clue either but i do take fish oil its very
    good for you(:

  27. 6g of fish oil? inst that six times the recommended daily intake?

  28. i was so stupid,i was starving myself but in the same time i was trying to
    consume aliments that raise your methabolism and i was wandering why i’m
    not seeing any results. thank you,bro !

  29. YOU should def. be maken some green off your intelligence :)

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    natural way to cure acne forever

  31. Carine Pierre Paul Reply April 13, 2014 at 4:30 pm

    I’m new to your channel and EXTREMELY upset that I just found YOU…your
    Amazing THANK YOU SO MUCH on ALL YOUR inputs and FUNNY ways of explaining
    them…LUV YOU!

  32. great and thanks for putting all the info in the info box everytime,too.

  33. @lauraacanfly put*

  34. gone gone GONE GONE GONE! lol

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  37. @tiggerlily7 Depends on how you use Soy, for milk go with almond milk, for
    things like tofu, lentils and beans are wayyy better. And composite protein
    sources like flax seed, nuts, and seeds are your new best friends

  38. you forgot to out the photo up omar, you tool!! :)

  39. Are you eating soy for protein, if you are i would substitute it with hemp
    protein. Drink soy milk? Drink almond milk instead. But if you must eat soy
    products opt for tempeh its a fermented version of tofu and from what i
    understand fermented soy is healthier.

  40. Yeah? Me too. I was using it the past 2 months and it was great! I never
    forgot how my skin got tighter w/in a weeks and the dimples & bumps were
    starting to fade! Great isnt? But anyway, you got the site name misspelled.
    That should be: Thumbs up if this helps..:)

  41. @sexychefbuff very informative Chefbuff! Will try those rules, many thanks
    for top advice!

  42. victoriamanthony Reply April 13, 2014 at 6:31 pm

    You are great! How do I get ur program like u said in this video after
    sprinting? I need all the help I can get! Pleaseeeeeee let me know anything
    will help and u are Very knowledgeable! Thanks so much! Can u talk about a
    work out video for this as well pleaseeeeee!

  43. anne marie melinz Reply April 13, 2014 at 6:37 pm

    Can you please like live with me lol…. and lay out my meals and workout
    with me everyday <3

  44. yes please make a video about working out cellulite

  45. hey there, plz tell me what to do if I take contraceptives which are
    basically estrogen and progesterone so plz tell me what to do as m
    obligated to take it. ur the best!!!!

  46. hello i was wondering do we put the cinnamon in the green tea ?

  47. hey could you make a video on how to not stress out? Like what kind of
    methods to use and maybe exercises that reduces the release of stress
    hormone. Im stressing out alot and it’s worserning my health and I don’t
    know what to do about it. It would mean alot if you made a video about this.

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