Teavana: Matcha Green Tea

Disclaimer ************ I purchase all of these items with my own funds! I was not paid for this review; this is my honest review of this product and company…


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15 Responses to “Teavana: Matcha Green Tea”

  1. get to the point 

  2. Thanks for trying so many products on yourself and giving us information. I
    am gonan start following your videos. But dont you think arthritis can be
    cured or managed with black seed oil i heard lot of stories about it if u
    tak with honey vinegar it cure arthritis also. Then why u taking so many
    suppliments? Wont all they cause damage

  3. German Rock Sugar…delicious, but watch the intake…it’s 25 calories per
    teaspoon. I’ve stopped using it, and I just stick with pure honey, which is
    better for you and the tea is still very delicious.

  4. I discovered Teavana at Willowbrooke Mall.

  5. I use the matcha green tea as a smoothie….tea, soy milk and a hint of
    honey with ice and blend

  6. .Republic of tea

  7. OMG! Like you I thought it had to be ordered online. When you said
    Woodlands Mall I nearly fell out of my chair! I go through the Woodlands
    (actually used to live there) almost every week. Will definitely stop and
    check it out! I’m so hooked on my matcha tea. Thank you for your nice
    video. PS- your hair looks fine.

  8. You should try the Peach Blossom delicious and nice to see it seep! also
    try the youthberry

  9. The "Try It" Queen Reply February 23, 2014 at 1:54 pm

    Great! Let me know how it goes!!!

  10. Hey, just looked at their website and placed order. lots to choose from!(
    but I will pace myself.) Thanks for the info. Was looking to buy the matcha
    but bought more.

  11. I will try matcha.. Soon

  12. you look fine dont worry

  13. Thanx for being honest about the taste. I am a fan of green tea, always
    have been so I am used to that “grassy” taste and actually like it, lol!
    Why don’t you try a bit of honey and lemon in it you might like it more.
    Honey is better than sugar and has protien, lemon actualy helps you body
    absorb the health benefits of green tea better, so its a win-win. :)

  14. cool vid

  15. Is that a pimp on the wall?

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