Tea Tips: Episode 04 “Health, Beauty, Weight Loss”

This week, Dr. Tea lets us in on the health secrets of tea. What makes tea healthy, helps maintain beautiful skin, and how does it help us lose weight.


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13 Responses to “Tea Tips: Episode 04 “Health, Beauty, Weight Loss””

  1. @sxewas I think I’ll trust him You are a nobody and he will PWN you any day

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  3. Dr. Tea is the Bill Nye of tea

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  6. SOUTHPARKFOREVER240 Reply November 7, 2014 at 5:05 am

    Just drink tea o.k. =^_^=

  7. I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer to this question, as it all
    depends on which tea you enjoy drinking. Personally I am not a massive
    lover of green tea, although I do drink it on occasion. I much prefer
    Oolong as my general all-round beverage, and often drink black tea and
    pu-erh also. In my opinion, tea only becomes “bad” (if that’s the right
    expression) when you start adding sweetners, milk, sugar, etc. Try a wide
    variety of teas with and without additives and see what fits :)

  8. is any type of tea good for you? or what specific types should i focus on

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  10. There is nothing linking tea with weight lose, fat storage, fat absorption
    or an increase in burning fat. There is no evidence to suggest that this
    tea would help weight loss! Free radical DO NOT attach to health cells,
    they DO NOT “grow and grow” and the free radicals CAN NOT repair the
    damage. Oxygen free radical DO damage health cells by an oxidation
    reaction. Antioxidants react with the free radical so the cells dose not.
    Your science is flawed and you are scaremongering.

  11. A non protein based amino acid? ALL AMINO ACIDS ARE NON PROTEIN BASED!
    Protein however is made up of strings of amino acids. Also caffeine is a
    diuretic in all forms, so tea does de-hydrate but less so than coffee. This
    is all basic 14 year old science here in the UK what is wrong with you,
    this is a sales pitch based upon false advertisement. However I applaud you
    on making the videos on tea, because it is indeed a tasty beverage. PS im
    not 14 im now 20.

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