Tea Review : Bigelow Green Tea Variety Pack



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44 Responses to “Tea Review : Bigelow Green Tea Variety Pack”

  1. dude you’re getting ripped off! even the fancy expensive store in my area
    sells bigelow for $2.69.

  2. My dad works at bigelow. Free tea for life <3

  3. nilesy sent me

  4. Have you tried matcha green tea as well? The powder which you whisk with a
    bit of hot water and then top up… It has a different taste to brewed tea.

  5. @xialong123 ALSO if you like black tea you have got to find “Twinnings of
    London”. you have to get the english breakfast tea and the irish breakfast
    tea. BEST FRICKIN black tea ive ever had.

  6. @rayeky12

  7. Red rose or Tetley are good Teas!

  8. @Matrixsos Anything really, If you get unflavored green tea, probably
    something not too strong, really strong green tea is more of an acquired
    taste. Green Tea with Lemon Grass is awesome. If you’re talking about tea
    bags, then try some Tazo, Stash, Good Earth, Celestial Seasonings, or
    something of that sort.

  9. What would you rate this tea out of 5? and what is your favorite brand tea?

  10. Hey Jeff is your Keurig dying? I have the same machine and it barely makes
    any noise?

  11. EDTea

  12. tea bags: taking the wallet space from condoms since 2012.

  13. @cutlerylover LOL good its not all gone. Just take a break from the hobby
    if the funds are not there.

  14. Lol….. Tea bags:)

  15. HOLY SHIT!!! TEA!!!!

  16. @jokerman213 i agree

  17. cold steel knife block…. nice jeff

  18. I’m gonna have some tea now

  19. @jokerman213 depending on how much you use it n what you waters ppm is they
    all die at some point …ive been threw 5 , the newer ones are alot better
    , but to b safe i allway buy them from costco or walmart cuz they will take
    broken shit back

  20. How does the taste compare though?

  21. mix the raspberry with cinnamon stick and sugar and a very little bit of
    milk doooooooo iiittt

  22. hey jeff, is it cool if i camp outside your house tonight?

  23. @michaelmikelmicc i agree

  24. Down here in the south every one dring

  25. @benjag888 CR33P! Lol

  26. i like your videos but noone actually gives a shit about tea , sorry jeff ,
    love your vids , but i dot get the point in this?

  27. I drink tea more than water(on it’s own)

  28. @BadMonkeyNo whatever, its kinda funny

  29. I still prefer the loose leaf stuff. When they cut up the tea, it tends to
    lose a lot of it’s flavor. I’m one of those guys who spends the money! lol

  30. @ikillliberals45 Maybe Ill do one soon

  31. Chinese breakfast tea is my favorite by the way !!!

  32. Maine!

  33. Bigelow’s “Constant Comment” tea is my all time favorite! SOOOO yummy.
    Great for iced tea or hot.

  34. @NJMevec2 I used to be a die-hard Earl Grey fan (all kinds, twinnings,
    ahmad, you name it), but somehow I got bored with it. Now I’m more of a
    English Breakfast man.

  35. You should try agave nectar for sweeting things it’s supposed to be healthy
    and it’s fun to say

  36. Yah tea!!

  37. @MrMartygamer yes there is

  38. i love just plain ol’ unsweetened tea

  39. Pipe videos pleaaaase.

  40. thats the kind i buy

  41. Salutations Jeff, I just wanna extend my respect for you and offer you my
    bitch’s mouth for your fucking pleasure. – Keltec Handsome

  42. I love green tea, this brand is pretty good.

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