Tea For Weight Loss – Fit Tea 14 Day Detox Natural Supplement to Help Lose Weight Review

Learn More About FitTea: http://fittea.com/ Tea For Weight Loss – Fit Tea 14 Day Detox Natural Supplement to Help Lose Weight Review Exclusive Content from PsycheTruth @ http://www.patreon.com/.


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38 Responses to “Tea For Weight Loss – Fit Tea 14 Day Detox Natural Supplement to Help Lose Weight Review”

  1. normal red tea with honey and cinnamon is all you need to cut back late
    night meals and if you re still hungry eat oats
    i lost 35 lbs just by eating whatever i want and working out 40 mins to one
    hour a day
    never starved and never searched for diet products dedicate some time to do
    planks they are the best workout by far better than crunches and better
    than entyhing you can imagine

  2. Hi Corrina just wondering if you have any qualifications in the field of
    food science or human biology? 

  3. I love you, Psychetruth, but I have to be honest… I don’t come here for
    paid product reviews, and I don’t think most of your viewers do, either. I
    could buy pure organic green tea much cheaper than FitTea, and add the
    other ingredients to it. Honey as a POWDER? And CORN in the ingredients?? I
    mean, isn’t Corrina Rachel the champion of unprocessed foods? Also, I don’t
    know how to say this nicely, but it sounds like Corrina took a Xanax right
    before filming. I watch her because of her personality, and this video
    feels overly directed and fake. The other “green teas” in the video aren’t
    even close to regular tea. Please keep your videos informational and real.

  4. I just went to the Fit Tea website and ordered the 28 day. I am a huge tea
    drinker and that looks scrumptious, plus I am looking for good detoxifiers
    and this looked perfect. I would love to know your thoughts on Quest bars
    (as someone mentioned below) and other protein bars. I love your videos.
    Thanks Corrina.

  5. As this is a paid product review naturally you mentioned the benefits of
    the tea. The disclaimer says you have consumed this tea. How often have you
    drank FitTea and have you seen results yet? Hoping to learn more about this
    product. I already drink Rooibos tea with organic ginger syrup, already
    consume 2 of the ingredients in this tea. Just wondering if it’s worth
    trying this tea. Thanks! 

  6. I have really been wondering about the fit tea they have so many gimmick
    products its hard to tell which can actually aid your weight loss journey
    and health journey in general so thank you 

  7. +Corrina Rachel I avoid caffeine tea.

    I have my recipe of tonic water that I make at least once a week and keep
    it in a jug in the frig. I call it tonic water because it’s probably too
    much for the average person, but it’s very medicinal and healthy.

    Boil about 2 liter of filtered water in a kettle. In a cooking pot, add:
    lemon juice, small amount of blended turmeric and ginger, crushed cinnamon
    (or a cinnamon tea bag), two organic tea bags of your choice (my favorite
    are dandelion or nettle), and some organic molasses as sweetener. Add the
    boiling water to the pot and put a lid on it. Wait maybe 15 minutes for all
    the substances to blend. Then pour the concoction into your water jug
    (glass preferably) through a strainer.

    -You have to control the content of the turmeric and ginger because the
    taste can be too much for some people.
    -I mentioned blending the turmeric and ginger instead of juicing, although
    juicing is preferred. However juicing turmeric can cause your juicing
    machine to get sticky and hard to wash, also the substance will cause
    orange stains.
    -The molasses is what will help the taste become tolerable so you have to
    play with the amount. You can also use raw crystalized honey.

    It’s very anti-inflammatory and the ginger and turmeric really help with
    relieving pain, when I get soreness from heavy lifting this recipe help me
    heal quicker.

    Recently, I had the most amazing tea ever when I got a hold of some
    stinging nettle seeds. It is an amazing stimulant and I was overloaded with
    energy, I was literally buzzing because I used too much seeds, it took
    about 5 hours for it to wear off so I couldn’t sleep. Except with nettle
    you do not crash like from coffee or sugar. But regular nettle tea bags
    isn’t going to be as effective as nettle you grow yourself or pick from the
    wild, just be careful of getting sting.

  8. Hey Corrina, I have noticed that a lot of your videos have all been about
    weight loss. What about for bodybuilders or people who need to gain weight?
    Do you know any information on how to do a healthy bulk? If so, can you put
    a video up? Thanks. 

  9. You should make a video about the best milk brand, including almond and
    coconut etc

  10. I just love how informative your videos are and how you explain nutrition
    thoroughly but simply enough that it’s easy for anyone to understand. Thank
    you so very much!

  11. It’s so hard to believe a review on a product that most YouTuber has
    reviewed and raved about.

    Granted, your review is more in depth and detailed than other reviews but
    I’ve seen at least half of the people that I am subscribed to talk about
    this product. No other product or other recommendation. 

  12. Why is Stevia better than something like Splenda? Isn’t it just another
    artificial sweetener?

  13. Can kids drink this?

  14. Awesome video like always very informative. Love these videos that explain
    what types of foods and spices and teas are good for you and why :)

  15. Hey Corrina, I know this isn’t related to the video, but I was wondering if
    quest bars are healthy? Thanks so much, that tea looks delicious! Can’t
    wait to try!

  16. Am I the only one how seen that cute cat at the start ?

  17. Anybl gluten free options for tea?

  18. I’ve been waiting for this video for ever

  19. Wish you would dress more professional, you’d be taken more seriously. 

  20. *This is a paid product review.*

    That’s all I needed to know, thanks.

  21. I drink two cups of PG Tips (tea bags) a day, living in England aka Tea
    Central it’s hard to avoid drinking it! No sugar, just a half teaspoon of
    local honey and a splash of milk for a very refreshing drink. I spotted
    Stella ;)

    Those legs! Those gorgeous legs!!! Love you Corrina! <3

  23. I love these legs

  24. Angela Kortright-Calo Reply December 3, 2014 at 6:37 pm


  25. best place to buy?


  27. Thank you for reviewing the fit tea. I’ve been wanting to hear what my
    trusted sources are saying about it!

  28. Sweet purry kitteh from the ASMR bid:-D

  29. Nice video! Thanks Corrina!

  30. I like a lot your legs. I love you Corrina

  31. is this for real? i mean will this really work?? i want to know 

  32. super nice.

  33. how about regular leaf tea ??

  34. Nice legs…

  35. I’m actually shocked that you said this was the FIRST paid review. I had
    assumed that many other product comparison videos were partially
    sponsored. Anyways, I’ve been drinking tea since a kid, and products like
    this are just like instant coffee to the Italians, aka, not my interest.
    But, I really hope that you keep producing informative videos. For
    example, honey and corn are both wet ingredients, so why is honey listed as
    “honey powder” whereas corn is just listed as “corn”? If it is really as
    you said in response to a earlier comment that “honey powder” is just
    dehydrated honey, why can’t they list it as honey? Does the phrase “honey
    powder” legally allow food additives or some mystery processing?

  36. What’s that noise in the background? It’s quite distracting.

  37. That was a great commercial. 

  38. Be careful with drinking all that tea though, it can dry you out and turn
    your insides into a cement mixer. Just…picture that. haha everything in
    moderation guys

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