Tazo Tea Zen Green Tea ( 6×20 BAG)

Tazo Tea Zen, Case of 6 – 20 Teabag Boxes (120 Teabags)

Product Features

  • 6×20 BAG


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3 Responses to “Tazo Tea Zen Green Tea ( 6×20 BAG)”

  1. Great taste when cold brewed! I have been drinking this tea for months now along with the Tazo Zen green tea. I love both flavors and have found that they make a wonderful iced tea (the only way I like to drink tea). I have found that if you cold brew this tea and the Zen green tea, they do have the flavor undertones that the box states. It almost seems to have a “solidness” to the flavor that seems to fit the breakfast concept well. I definitely recommend it if you like a nice smooth flavor to your black tea. I use the…

  2. My all time favorite chai tea… This one is the Best of all the chai teas I’ve tried, and I’ve tried bunches!Numi – almost as good, but very priceyTwinnings – all you taste is black tea, no chai spicesStash – too cinnamonyGood Earth – great chai spice taste, but not enough black tea taste!Yogi – see Good EarthCelestial Seasonings – see StashI’ve even tried the Marsala Chai at Cost Plus, which was pretty good, but can’t compare to Tazo!Tazo has the perfect blend…

  3. So good! 0

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