Taking Laxative | 3 Ballerina Tea Review

Re-uploaded :*)


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38 Responses to “Taking Laxative | 3 Ballerina Tea Review”

  1. I just got my tea today and i hope to get good results thank you so much
    for the review it really means a lot to people like me who wants an honest
    i have a quick question.. would you recommend to drink it 3 times a day?
    (morning , afternoon and evening) once again thank you so much
    ps.. you have a nice soothing voice :D

  2. I just bought this tea hope it works, just started watching your video
    though hopefully it’s a good review on it :) xoxo thank you

  3. Exquisitely Grotesque Reply April 4, 2014 at 12:36 am

    You’re so cute!!

  4. Ived been drinking this tea whenever I feel thisty .. Although I drink it
    when its hot~ because I liked yhe taste of it somehow that way .. I will
    try what u just did in this video tomorrow night :] thx for the review ..
    This is the first ived seen about this tea also.

  5. Thx for subscribing too :*)

  6. Welcome :)

  7. You’re Welcome :*)

  8. You can buy it at your supermarket… if not there, then possibly a health
    food store or your local asian market. Oh like kingjamesda wrote try your
    99c store. Hope you find it!

  9. Thanks for the video! And your face is absolutely beautiful!

  10. You’re Welcome Annabelle ( btw, I love your name)

  11. *very much

  12. I add cinnamon to mine or nutmeg. Taste wonderful then.

  13. Kennetria Dalcour Reply April 4, 2014 at 3:45 am

    I love wha it does for my body bug it cramps me up terribly :( still drink
    it tho. itdoesn’t cramp up my mom tho so I guess its different for everyone

  14. I wish I could tell you it worked for weight loss, but I can’t. However, it
    is extremely good for keeping you regular and getting rid of all the
    ‘stuff’ that gets left behind. Also, I only drink the tea once every 2
    months or so, but you can drink it daily or weekly and see if you have any
    extra weight loss from it. Please drink lots of water too…it will help
    you so much~ Best wishes to ya~

  15. Hi there! Glad you found it helpful~

  16. gurl im 310lbs and i need help loosing weight im 27 no kids i know im sad
    case but plz tell me if it really works

  17. Pardon the late response~ Even though its called Dieter’s Tea, I can’t
    honestly say if it actually helps you loose weight. I do know it helps with
    bowel movements. So for instance…if you’re not regular, it can help or if
    you just take it once or twice a month, it can help remove all the ‘crap’
    that gets left behind (you get me :*). Overall, I bet that all contributes
    to weight loss…right~

  18. Really helpful review, thanks :)

  19. Hi, The purpose of letting the tea bag seep is to allow the tea to become
    stronger and cool down to room temp. I prefer to guzzle it down instead of
    sip it so that how i prepare mine. However, if you like the taste or would
    rather sip the tea warm, you can re-heat it once the tea has seeped for at
    least 1 hour. Also, I place a saucer or small plate over the tea cup to
    help it seep “better”. It doesn’t really make a difference, its just
    something I watched my mother do :*)

  20. yea, it cramps my stomach too… and other people experience no cramping
    whatsoever. I’ve seen smooth move, i’ll give it a try in the future. Thanks
    for the tips.

  21. is this tea made purely to be a laxative or a supplement to stay regular
    when only brewed the 5min as directed?

  22. You’re welcome. I guess since i make it strong, the strong taste of senna
    gets to me…i just can’t :*) Maybe you can try an iced version.

  23. Ah ok. I bought it on Amazon :))

  24. I buy this tea at Hispanic Markets 30 bag bx cost around $3-4 . I’ve also
    seen tea sold at Chinese Food Restaurants / Nail shops .. Timing is the key
    word when taking this tea because you will be going to restroom frequently
    , so if I know ill be out ill skip it. I usually take it around 3pm effects
    will start around 8-9pm I take 2nd tea around 9pm effects will be 5-7am. On
    wknds ill take 3 teas again only if ill be staying in :)

  25. live the video i just wanted to know how much weight do u think i would use
    if i use this for a month?

  26. Hi! I believe it is more of a supplement to stay regular. If you make the
    way I have in the video, you’ll see the difference… if you know what I

  27. I like both cinnamon and nutmeg…i may try that next time… Thanks!

  28. it does work for losing weight but it cramps my stomach so bad smooth move
    it better

  29. you are sexy !!!! ILLLUM !! thanks for video !!

  30. Everyone one is different. I made the video based upon how I use the tea
    and how it effects my body. Pardon me for not knowing exactly how this
    would effect your bowel movement.

  31. Thank you very much~ I’m glad I can help.

  32. You’re Welcome ;*)

  33. If you have been trying to burn fat, you should look up on google Fat Blast
    Formula. That might help you get the body you deserve.

  34. 99 cents only store. Really u can buy it there

  35. That’s why I love 99cent stores!!

  36. Where do you think I could buy this?

  37. Very, very helpful!!!!! Thank you very much! You are extremelly nice!!!

  38. I drink it at toom temp with lemon and I guzzle it. I find that there is
    little to no cramping. I am going for a week long cleanse using the tea.

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