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15 Responses to “Stress and Weight Loss (Stress Hormones and Weight Gain)”

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  3. “Understanding STRESS What is stress? Stress is NOT what happens to you…it
    is how you respond to what happens to you Stress is mainly mitigated by the
    temporal lobes and the HPA axis. This is part of your limbic system (the
    emotional, more “primal” brain). The hypothalamus is attuned to your
    perceptions and beliefs about what you do and don’t consider stressful
    Biochemistry is, in part, an outgrowth of that response.” ~Nora Gedgaudas

  4. Excellent. I was looking for the author of a quote I liked but really happy
    I found this video.. It was directly after a relationship failure the poor
    diet (ice cream and comfort food) set in and now 40 lbs heavier I know
    there is a connection to the emotional stress I went through.

  5. Stress is inevitable. Being stressed out doesn’t need to be.™

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  8. ??? Does stress make u gain weigth or the things u eat when u r stress out.

  9. thanks for this information. Indeed stress can be a factor in weight gain.
    Removing stress and balancing stress hormones may help one lose weight.

  10. WELL TOLD!

  11. Thanks for viewing SkinnyGirl! All cheers and goodluck to you!

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  13. madam is it possibal that you can eat right still be stressed and still
    gain weight just by being over emotional and sad. i mean i used to be
    really peppy and motivated for wightloss etc, but after messing up again
    and again,etc i feel so pessimistic. you know cause when u fall down again
    and again you think u might scew up again. how can i make myslef more
    positive in my mind????

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