Stop Drinking Green Tea And Eat It – Check out my full blog post about eating green tea or what is better known as matcha. This is something I have been using for nearly a…


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12 Responses to “Stop Drinking Green Tea And Eat It”

  1. Pleased to find this Vlog. I am developing some snacks featuring green tea.
    Please answer this question: Have you had immediate results in eating green
    tea? In our product tasting, each of the participants have experienced an
    immediate positive reaction. Christian

  2. If you are looking to shed fat, you should look up on google Fat Blast
    Blueprint. That might help you get the body you deserve.

  3. Its still surprises me, just how lot of people have no idea about Proladox
    Diet Plan (do a google search), despite the fact that many people get great
    result because of it. Thanks to my mate who told me about Proladox Diet
    Plan, I have lost a ton of weight by using it without starving myself.

  4. Hi there are you using the matcha with cold water or hot water?

  5. Great video thank you so much for sharing this information. I need to get

  6. Hey how are u, how many teaspoons a day u take for that fast weight loss?
    also did u take it with meals or just in the Moring?

  7. I love matcha and for me it decreases my appetite. There has also been some
    interesting research/studies recently regarding it’s effectiveness in
    fighting diabetes. Aiya makes a great organic matcha and I also like the
    brand Domatch, which has organic choices in both ceremonial and 2nd harvest
    grades. Honestly, I don’t think that whether is first harvest(ceremonial)
    or second harvest grade makes a significant difference in the health

  8. I am a full time mom of four and finishing my B.S. in education but school
    hours were causing some conflict in my body, major weight gain, as I was
    using five hour energy drinks to stay up and finish reports…I stopped the
    moment I weighed myself and saw I was now at 209.5 LBS! CRAZY! BUT, as of
    today 29 June 2012, my 5th day on matcha green tea I have lost some MAJOR

  9. The weird part of this is, I am still eating (healthy foods) mostly protein
    and limited carbs, but I am almost afraid to say how much I have lost in
    these 5 days without sounding like some nut. I am also loving my shakes, I
    have the energy and look forward to drinking my shakes every day. To me the
    stuff is nasty tasting yet do like the no sugar coco I use for the shake.
    My body seems to be going through some major cleansing but I feel GREAT!

  10. Found your blog, due to me just searching for some stories that would
    compare to my amazing find. Never used Match, but did take green tea
    supplements for a long time. Went to mercola and read all his findings on
    Matcha and went from there. Found a great organic matcha green tea that I
    have added 2tsp to rice milk with organic natural chocolate and I AM AMAZED
    AT THIS STUFF! (part 1)

  11. Ok, so here is my weight right now just in five days…198. You can do the
    math. All my labs have come back great from doctor and my body is not
    hurting. I am a mommy of four and staying healthy for me and them is so
    important to me. So this is my story and again AM AMAZED WITH THIS STUFF!
    BUT, do you know of any other women that have the same findings after
    taking Matcha green tea? Thanks! 9(The END) lol

  12. it’s actual stone ground.

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