Stay young with White Tea clear skin weight loss || Raji Osahn

Sneak peak in my life! Subscribe to my VLOG Channel! White tea is amazing! White tea is an amazing herbal tea which …


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10 Responses to “Stay young with White Tea clear skin weight loss || Raji Osahn”

  1. Your skin looks flawless hunnie mashallah. I love indian and green tea! I
    have to try the white tea, where do you purchase yours and what brand is
    it? Xx

  2. Makeup with Raji Reply March 6, 2014 at 6:37 pm

    White tea is amazing for you! Thumbs up if you love herbal teas! #rajiosahn

  3. Hey hun, i usualy drink the gun powder green tea and love it, ive never had
    white tea or heard of and really want some now! Thanks for the info.
    Also been doing my nose and double chin exercises!

  4. You look amazing what lipstick are you wearing? Also where can I buy this
    white tea from its the first time I actually heard about it. X 

  5. What kind of flowers or leaves are in this tea. And where can I buy it

  6. What brand of tea do you use? And are the expensive ones more effective?


  8. Heyyyy raji! Could you make a vid on how you started your channel what made
    you want to do youtube and help for those who want to start filming on
    youtube but too scared :( love yaaaaaa

  9. Boot Camp Beauty Tips Reply March 6, 2014 at 7:32 pm

    Great video…good info!! I am a huge fan of drinking tea..mainly green
    tea but I’m def going to try white tea :) 

  10. Where can I buy it or get it?? 

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