Spring Valley: Green Tea Extract Herbal

Green Tea’s active ingredients are called polyphenols. These are believed to be responsible for most of green tea’s role in guarding against cardiovascular disease by lowering cholesterol levels, reducing platelet aggregation, and lowering blood pressure.

Product Features

  • Nutritionally supports antioxidant health.
  • Boosts immune system and protects cells from damage.


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3 Responses to “Spring Valley: Green Tea Extract Herbal”

  1. T. Grandberry "T.G. Tillman" Reply January 9, 2014 at 5:29 am

    Spring Valley puts a SPRING in your step! Okay…I know my title is a little corny, but…I feel that this product put a spring in my step. I took 2 pills every day with breakfast and had added energy throughout the day. So, if you are like me and need that extra “umff” in the morning, try Spring Valley Green Tea 150 mg caps!

  2. Take for energy I take one every morning and it gives me a great energy boost, not jittery, just wakes me up and gives me energy to get through the sluggish times!

  3. it seems to give me energy but if it is for weight loss save your money it appears to give me more energy but it does not curb appetite. i have not seen any weight loss or loss of appetite.

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