Please Open ~*~*~*~*~ My thoughts on the latest weight loss and detox craze! I trialled 14days on the SkinnyMe Tea Detox to let you know if it REAL…


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  1. Love your couch and pillows- I like that you’re very open and also love how
    you recorded a little bit every day during those 14 days instead of just
    giving a general summary. I’m not sure if you would have gotten a different
    effect if you had used a tea strainer but there wouldn’t be all sorts of
    bits and pieces swimming in your tea, so the drinking experience would
    probably have been better. I launched a tea review series last night and
    made a video about Whittard of Chelsea, it would be really amazing if you
    stopped by and let me know what you think. I don’t usually advertise on
    people’s videos, I just thought it suited the topic a bit and there are
    other tea lovers out there who might be interested. Have an amazing day,

  2. I would really like to know if they stuff is actually safe….. :/ 

  3. Haleemah Abdullah Reply March 22, 2014 at 6:48 pm

    Did you put sugar or honey in the tea and if so how much

  4. If your a competitive soccer player are carbs still bad? Or are there any
    pastas that are less bad like whole grain or organic? I’m just asking
    because we do carbo load before games. Is that still bad for me?

  5. allthebeautifulcreatures Reply March 22, 2014 at 7:28 pm

    For loose tea it is best to let it steep then use a small strainer to the
    floating herbs.Or getting a special ttea strainer is great!! I have one
    that makes it look like I have a rubber ducky floating in my tea :)

  6. My sister and I are having a weight loss 2014. Detox, cleanse and few extra
    pounds would help! 

  7. Julie Marie Bekkelund Reply March 22, 2014 at 7:42 pm

    I’m in a competition with two of my friends, we shall see who gets the
    finest six pack to summer, and they have come so long now

  8. I should totally get this I’ve been really self conscious lately about my
    weight because I look very pudgy and I’ve been trying to loose weight for
    about a month now

  9. Quick question, do you have any videos for foods that give you energy? Or
    any bars you recommend 

  10. I’ve been debating to whether trying this detox tea out since I do have
    problems using the restroom. Ur video definitely will uplift me 2 make my
    decision , thank u. 

  11. Hi Carly I’d like to win the tea as I’m trying desperately to lose a few
    pounds and detox my body. 

  12. I soooo need this in my lifee just feel so depressed about my weight :( 

  13. I would like to give it ago trying to lose some weight x

  14. Is it like having diarrhea? 

  15. Aww I wanted this so bad

  16. if this is still open; i’ve been trying to loose weight this past year but
    I can’t stick with it. I think this product could really help me finally
    loose a couple of pounds(:

  17. Are you suppose to drink the loose leaves ??

  18. I would like to win it,because most of the people in my family tells me
    that I need to lose weigh,or watch my diet,and stuff like that.I’m the
    heaviest out of all my friends.I’m sick of looking at myself in the mirror
    everyday,to see my figure.I’m about 5ft 6 to 5ft 7,and I weigh
    133.currently.I was 128 in the summer,dropped down to 120,and I just gained
    it all back one day,which breaks my heart.

  19. flowerbombdiamond Reply March 22, 2014 at 10:10 pm

    Your meant to strain the tea! Bless you !

  20. Palindrome Poppet Reply March 22, 2014 at 10:25 pm

    I’d love to try this! Seems like you got some good results Carly! xx

  21. after you finished the teatox, did everything completely go back to how it
    was before the teatox (bloated again, gaining the weight back, etc.)? i
    just dont want to waste the time/money to feel good for a few weeks/get my
    hopes up and then not have it stick and have everything totally go back to
    how it was before! is it worth only doing once? thanks! :)

  22. Hi Carly! I’ve been watching your videos for a while now, I started
    recently. And I really didn’t know you were giving away the tea but if
    there is still a chance your giving more away I would like to join the
    contest. Ill be 18 in about a week and I’m struggling with my weight. Every
    time I try to loose weight I end up with the opposite result. I don’t get
    teased very much because I hide my chubbiness but it’s so hard to walk out
    into the world feeling the way I do. No one in my family understand because
    they don’t have the pressure I do. Not finding the right size cloths and
    things like that. It’s hard. And I don’t want to take pills or anything
    like that. So if there is still a hope or chance your giving away I’d
    appreciate it more than words can say.
    But anyway, I Adore u and yor videos, thank you for being a great
    inspiration to us all ;>

  23. I’m really excited to hopefully try the tea as part of a healthy lifestyle
    change, had a slight rough patch recently and your videos always cheer me
    up, such an inspiration and a great review! xx

  24. My mum would love it

  25. Hi Carly, do you need the little tea leaf strainer? they are selling one at
    skninnyme .. xxx

  26. I would love to win this because I want to purchase tea but I’m not sure if
    it works and I would appreciate it if I can try it before I pay for it
    because alot of people say it’s bull but I want to try it because I have a
    baptism party coming up and I want to look my absolute best. Please and
    thank you my email is

  27. This would be perfect because I recently started trying to live a healthier
    lifestyle :)

  28. It would be awesome to receive the tea bundle – 2014 is my year to finally
    get on board the detox and healthy lifestyle train! You’re videos are
    awesome x

  29. Hey Carly I would really like to win I’m a teenager and I’m 20 pounds over
    weight and I can’t seem to stay motivated to loose the weight. So please
    can I win all my siblings have been blessed with a fast metabolism and I’m
    the ugly duckling of the bunch so please!!!!

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