Shake Weight Loss

I’m feeling better and back on track. My new goal is to lose 9.6 pounds in 7 days by March 5th my 31st birthday!


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40 Responses to “Shake Weight Loss”

  1. i want to be a marathon runner just like you.

  2. LadyGagaforever2011 Reply March 22, 2014 at 6:15 pm

    I can’t believe how fat he was. :O

  3. Hello, very good video, by videos like this one, I got inspiration to
    change, to loose my big belly! And you know what? ITS TIME TO CHANGE !

  4. I burst out laughing when I saw your face in this video.. it’s so fat!!!! I
    can’t believe how you used to be.. I can’t believe I was so used to it.

  5. I challenge you sir, yes YOU, to run 19.2 miles If you fail, future Shay
    will come kick your butt

  6. In one year you have changed your life in huge ways, you are so inspiring.
    If you can do all of that in one year ANYONE can. Thank you for proving
    that anything is possible.

  7. The cold hard truth is… we are here due to the fact that we are not
    satisfied with how our bodies are looking now and we want to feel great
    again. Theres definitely be a valid reason why so many of us have extra
    tummy, it is because the diet and weight loss pills that dont work… You
    guys need see this video as it exposed all these scams. This video is found
    at the Fat Combust Factor (google it) Ive hear about some unbelievable
    things about it and my dad burned lots of unwanted fats:)

  8. i miss the old shay

  9. HEY FAT SHAY! Did you know you could run 19 miles!?

  10. Damn! Shay looks soooo much better now! No wonder future shay wants to kick
    is a**! haha

  11. i like this shay better

  12. Just watching this video is making me feel out of breath. lol I am so proud
    of Shay!!!!

  13. ElectricMudPuppy Reply March 22, 2014 at 9:29 pm

    a little over a year and he ran a marathon. You can do anything you set
    your mind to.

  14. WOW! Dont even recognize you! You should be VERY proud of what you have
    achieved! Are are an inspiration :)

  15. achemicalromance Reply March 22, 2014 at 9:58 pm

    I can’t believe this used to be shaycarl!

  16. @ShayLoss luv ya! shay

  17. Shay you sound so much different since you have lost the weight too.

  18. 0:04 😀 totally south park!

  19. wow ur so fat

  20. To think, Shay is under 200 lbs now. The hard work, change of diet, and
    moving to CA really worked for him.

  21. Hey Homer fat Shay Simposon how funny is weight 269.6 pounds and later
    weight 100pounds Loose a lot of poop over there?¡ LOL

  22. Wow Shay is an inspiration to us all. I love how he can look back at these
    old videos of himself and then show us that he succeeded in his goal. He
    never says never, he had problems along the way, he keeps a good attitude,
    and strives hard! Shay is the kind of person that never gives up. Truly an
    inspiring man and i love you for that. :)

  23. you look like tom cruise now!

  24. omg shays VOICE sounds even different!

  25. shay wants to fight you! lol

  26. Wait, his birthday is march 5th? That’s my birthday! That’s cool. And

  27. For some odd reason, I miss the bigger Shay. :/

  28. his face looks like he’s gonna explode or something..

  29. is this she shaycarl i use to watch? like, how does the mind comprehend
    this…SO WEIRD lol

  30. beforethestormx31 Reply March 23, 2014 at 1:10 am

    i never realised how big you were until you lost weight and i looked back
    at old videos. wow shay! i’m honestly so proud of you.

  31. @ShayLoss to who ……

  32. How did his sweet wife not say holy crap dude, lose some frickin weight.
    LOL, She’s a saint….

  33. @lyokohero He actually said they were happier sexually in a video one time

  34. Skinny shay ran 19 miles

  35. Your head was almost completely round lol.

  36. This is a very heart people.

  37. It’s so weird for me to watch this now because I remember watching it back
    then but seeing Shay looking this big and seeing how he looks now is so
    surreal and I’m so so proud of Shay.

  38. im glad there’s no white substance and coins coming out of that shaker

  39. JackTheRipperRAWR Reply March 23, 2014 at 3:26 am

    You look sooooooo different!! Many congrats on your success!!!!

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