Pro ana weight loss week 2

I have been on a pro-ana diet for a week and I have lost 4 lbs. I don’t look that great today because I just binged on brownies and I got my period yesterday…


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26 Responses to “Pro ana weight loss week 2”

  1. The name of song please ?´╗┐

  2. U look amazing! What did u do for exercise?

  3. I’ll join.

  4. I liked you better before

  5. woahhh week one you couldnt ser your ribs week two i can see ur ribs! woow

  6. we need week 3 !!!

  7. What diet are u on? Abc? Healthy skinny girl? Pls tell me D:

  8. Your beautiful! Can u give me some tips… Im a newbie

  9. ew that’s not hot, thats ugly!! You need to put on weight, you look like a
    little kid

  10. silentbutdeadlysarah Reply January 25, 2014 at 8:31 am

    what’s this song?

  11. Wow beautful, i’ll join! How tall are you?

  12. you looked awesome before, you dont need to lose anymore weight

  13. Jessika Taylor Nicole Heart Reply January 25, 2014 at 9:29 am

    i wanna join you too!!!!!! i way 125 i want to weigh 100 pounds! umm can
    someone tell me what the pro ana diet is tho plz??

  14. hey, you are still to fat!

  15. how tall are you?:)

  16. could you tell me the diet?? pleaseee?

  17. im sooo with you ! ­čśÇ you look AHMAZINGG .

  18. you look stick thin!

  19. oh how dumb kids are these days…….. GAIN WEIGHT!

  20. Your an asshole go fuck yourself man!

  21. What diet is it? How much did you exercise?

  22. @riplilkevin1 pro anorexia

  23. I am also doing pro-ana and have lost 25 pounds! i gained a ton after a
    back surgery and just want my body back. Are you still on it?

  24. can you please tell me what diet you’re following? : D

  25. @nevertooempty pro ana? means anorexic

  26. @nevertooempty Eat under 500 calories a day and do some form of exercise
    like walking to tone your newly shed fatty skin

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